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June 2017
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Coming Soon!

On September 20th, we will be converting to a new debit card processor.  With this conversion, we hope to provide a better, more reliable debit card for our members!  What does this mean for you?  We do not anticipate any interruption to service on the conversion date; however, it is always a good idea to have 2 forms of payment. 

To assist with the conversion, please make sure that all of your contact information is updated with the credit union.  This is particularly important for the fraud department to contact you about suspicious transactions.

After the conversion, we will begin issuing cards with a new image, reflective of our commitment to the ACIPCO family.   The new debit card will also feature an EMV chip, representing our drive to move forward with better technology.  The EMV chip provides an additional layer of security against fraud. 

We will continue to offer instant issue cards, and now we will be adding rewards to the debit cards!  These rewards will be the same as with our credit card, and can be combined if you have both a debit card and a credit card!

If you have any questions concerning our debit card conversion, please call a member service representative at (205) 328-4371.

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