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December 2015
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Introducing Pocket 2 Pocket
Transfer funds using your debit card and phone
Need to send money to someone, but you don't have any checks? Or you need it to go instantly? You can now use our new Pocket 2 Pocket service to transfer funds from your ACIPCO FCU account to anyone at any institution using your phone and your debit card!

Click here to get started!

Circle of Love Foundation
Annual Toy Drive
Our Annual Toy Drive for the Circle of Love Foundation was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who donated!


Online Banking Argument: Paper Statement or E-Statement?
Making a case for the better mode of financial communication

We live in an electronic world. Nowadays, credit card companies and financial institutions are increasingly giving consumers the option to stop having paper statements mailed to them and begin having their regular statements available online, with notification via email (in the form of e-statements). Are there any advantages of one over the other? How about …

Tips From Popular Money-Saving Experts
Easy ways to save money each day

We all want to save money. While it�s a struggle for many, there are lots of simple ways to sock a few � or more � extra bucks away each month. Take a cue from some of these money-saving experts to find out a few easy ways you can cut back on expenses and start saving for whatever it is life throws your way.

Home Equity Loans � What You Need to Know
Information for borrowers considering home equity loans

The popularity of home equity loans, also known as second mortgages, is once again on the rise, after greatly diminishing during and right after the recession. If you are in the process of comparing loan options, here is information you need in order to determine if you could qualify for a home equity loan, and if it would work well with your financial …

How Long Should Your Auto Loan Be?
How shorter loans will save you money in the long run

If you�re looking to buy a new car, you might be planning to use an auto loan to finance your new purchase. When obtaining a car loan, most buyers tend to focus solely on the purchase price, and not consider the overall conditions of the loan. But the car loan length can be just as important as the number value you�ll pay. And if that�s the case, you�ll need…

Upcoming Closings
December 31st New Year's Eve

Open 8am - 12pm

January 1st New Years Day


5 Indoor Activities for Kids on a Cold Winter Day
Keep children entertained when it�s cold outside with these fun indoor activities

For many across the U.S., winter weather means snow, ice and whistling wind. As the weather gets colder, it is likely your children will want to stay inside most of the time. When children are stuck indoors, however, cabin fever can set in quickly. To keep your children from being bored or glued to the television on a cold winter�s day, consider these five …

Healthy New Year�s Resolutions You Should Actually Stick To
Make 2016 a year unlike any other with these resolutions

It is a common practice for individuals to set resolutions for the New Year. Typically, health-related goals are chief among these aspirations. Typically, they involve going to the gym more, eating better or quitting some degree of bad habit. It can be quite easy to fall off the wagon with resolutions once the shimmer of the New Year has worn off, but 2016 …

Behind Car and Driver�s �10Best� List
Why a Car and Driver designation means so much

There are plenty of professional organizations that give today�s vehicles recognition. Whether they�re ranking the coolest, the greenest or most fuel efficient, or simply the most affordable, you can find a list for whatever it is you�re looking for. But there is one list that very well may rise above them all, and that�s the Car and Driver �10Best� list …

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