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August 2017
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The Results Are In
We heard your requests

Thank you to everyone who participated in our member satisfaction survey. Congratulations to Anita Jones, winner of the $200 prize. Responses were anonymous so I won’t be able to reply individually, but wanted to address the areas mentioned most frequent:


Same Day ACH

Beginning nationwide on September 15th, some payments may clear your account on the same day you set them up, instead of clearing your account a day or two later – it’s called “Same Day ACH.” To avoid unnecessary NSF fees, please monitor your account balance before scheduling these payments.

Also, some merchants will convert your check to an electronic payment. These payments are included in Same Day ACH. So, be prepared for any payment to clear your account immediately to avoid unnecessary NSF fees.

EMV Debit Card Conversion Update
Coming September 2017

Our EMV conversion is right around the corner! The live date for the debit card conversion is September 20th! We are excited to bring you the most up to date EMV chip technology! We are converting to a new processor, which we hope will provide a better, more reliable debit card experience for our members. In addition to the EMV chip, the new debit card will also feature rewards for the first time ever! The rewards program will be basically the same as with our credit card, and points can be combined if you have both a credit card and a debit card.

During the conversion, we do not anticipate any interruption in service; however, it is always a good idea to have 2 forms of payment available. To help us make the conversion as smooth as possible, please make sure that we have all of your updated contact information on file!

When Will I Receive My Chip Card?

The first members to receive a new chip card will be those whose card expires October 2017. Your patience is appreciated; we expect to have all debit cards replaced with EMV cards within the next 18 months, if not sooner.

Don’t worry! We will still have the ability to print Instant Issue debit cards at the credit union if your card is compromised due to fraud. The cards we print will have the same design as the cards mailed, and they will also have the chip.

If you have any questions about EMV cards or our upcoming conversion, please call the credit union.


Are you tired of waiting to receive your statements in the mail? Are you afraid they are going to get lost? Sign up for eStatements today! They are a faster, safer, and more convenient way to retrieve your statement each month. With eStatements, you can view, print, and save your monthly statements from any computer anywhere. eStatements are accessed securely through online banking. You can eliminate waiting for the mail, having statements delayed by weekends or holidays, and the risk of your statements being lost in the mail.

To begin receiving eStatements, log into online banking from our website, click Accounts, Statements, and then Statement Settings.

3 Great Cars for Back to School
Comfort, affordability and more for going back to school

With the start of school comes the start of after school activities. That means lots of extra driving. So what could be a better place to start assessing your back-to-school needs than with a new car?

Upcoming Closings
Labor Day
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November 23rd
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December 25th
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Debit Card Fraud: (866) 987-1457

Lost or Stolen Credit Card: (800) 449-7728 (US) or (727) 299-2449 (International)


Health Benefits of Laughing
Laugh your way to better health

Tired of the gym? Looking for some easier ways to boost your health besides that dreaded eight-letter word (“exercise”)? The research is in. Apparently laughter is a necessary, but often overlooked, component for overall wellbeing.

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