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September 2017
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Equifax Breach
Data breaches are becoming so common, the average consumer barely notices when a new one is announced. Equifax, one of three nationwide credit bureaus, is responsible for the latest big breach, and it’s one that should make us all sit up and take notice.

CO-OP Shared Branching

ACIPCO FCU wants to make life easy for you by cooperating with other credit unions across the United States to provide convenient locations around town and across the country.  CO-OP Shared Branching is a network of more than 5,300 credit union branches across the country (and the world) that you can use just as you use your home branch.  ACIPCO FCU is part of this expansive network!  You can access your ACIPCO FCU account at shared branch locations near your home, your workplace, and whenever you travel.


Determining How Much to Save Each Month
Save for the future month-by-month

Saving for the future is often overwhelmed by today’s bills and financial pressures. Yet, despite the challenges of setting money aside, it’s so important for your financial well-being to try and save a target amount each month.

Upcoming Closings

November 23rd
November 24th  Drive-thru only open 8 am - 12 pm

December 25th
December 26th

We're Just a Phone Call Away

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Lost or Stolen Debit Card: (800) 264-5578

Debit Card Fraud: (866) 987-1457

Lost or Stolen Credit Card: (800) 449-7728 (US) or (727) 299-2449 (International)


Tricks to Encourage Better Reading Habits
Get in the habit of reading with these tips

Escaping into a good book is a mindful indulgence for your brain, heart and soul. Whether you prefer historical fiction, true stories, romantic novels, comedic escapades or features in the daily newspaper, reading strengthens your memory, challenges your thinking and, according to the experts at, “expands your vocabulary, sharpens writing skills, hones critical and analytical skills, reduces stress and boosts concentration.”

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