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April 2018
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2018 Annual Car Sale

2018 Annual Car Sale

It's that favorite time of year again, ACIPCO Federal Credit Union's 2018 Annual Car Sale. Are you pre-approved? If not, be sure to come by the credit union so we can get you ready to finance your dream car. You don't want to miss this two day event!



Did you know that receiving e-statements rather than receiving mailed statements is so much quicker? Of course, this service is available to all of our great members! 

So, what exactly is an e-statement? An e-statement is simply an electronic version of your statement. The statement is exactly like your paper statement, allowing you to go paperless and reduce clutter.

The best thing about e-statements is that they are proven to reduce the chances of mail fraud and identity theft. E-statements are a great alternative to regular mail because the statements are easily accessible through our website 24/7. How awesome is that?  This also saves money on printing and postage, which in turn is returned to our members.

To sign up for e-statements, contact a member service representative at the credit union, and we will be glad to assist you!

How to Celebrate Mother's Day on a Budget
Ways to celebrate Mom without breaking the bank

In an ideal world, you would have unlimited funds to spend on celebrating Mother’s Day; however, most of us operate on a tight budget. Even though your funds might be limited, the love, fun and joy of Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be, especially with the following tips on how to make Mom’s day special on a budget.

Pros and Cons of Retail Credit Cards
Are retail credit cards in your best interest?

Imagine a successful shopping trip in which you have scored amazing deals, found the perfect gift for your discerning friend and even managed to get something special for yourself. As you proceed to the checkout counter, the store associate dangles in front of you the benefits of applying for an in-store credit card. You stop cold and wonder if opening a store credit card is a smart move or a regrettable impulse buy. The answer largely depends on how you use it.

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Coolest Reveals from Auto Show Season
Check out the hottest cars from this year’s auto shows

Annual auto shows have historically been used as platforms for automakers to show off their current lineups and to pull back the veil of new production and concept vehicles. Although some automakers are choosing to have separate bespoke revealing events, this year’s auto show season is still rife with impressive vehicles.

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