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June 2018
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Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates!


Wherever your plans take you this summer, the Visa TravelMoney Prepaid debit card from CUMONEY provides all the convenience and security you need while traveling. Taking the Visa TravelMoney along means you have everything you need for your trip or you can easily get it along the way.


Building Your Teen’s Credit Score
Start building your teen’s credit before they even move out

When your teen finally takes the big leap and moves out of the house, they’re going to need a solid credit score for a lot of life steps: renting an apartment, getting a loan or finding a good deal on insurance. For that reason, it’s important that teens build up their credit scores before they move out.

Mobile Check Deposit

We're excited to announce that our mobile check deposit is on its way! ACIPCO FCU's Mobile Check Deposit will give our members the convenience of depositing checks directly into their accounts from the mobile app. Standard check hold limits may apply and the cut off time for same day credit is 2 pm each business day. Make sure to LIKE our Facebook page for future mobile check deposit updates.

Upcoming Closings

Independence Day- Wednesday July 4,2018
Labor Day- Monday September 3,2018

17 Ways for Your Kids to Earn Money This Summer

At some point on summer break from school, all kids find themselves doing the same thing—lying around the house, complaining about being bored, and looking for something to do.


Our Relationship With Money

Money is necessary in our lives.  It provides the roof over our head and the food we eat.  Beyond those basic needs, however, our individual money experiences can differ dramatically.  Some of us have more money at our command while others have little money to command.

The bigger difference, however, is how we relate to money.  It’s not a subject we often consider.  When you think about money, what are your feelings?  Does money give you a sense of power?  Does it make you nervous?  Do you prefer to avoid the subject of money altogether?  Our emotions, even our sense of self-worth, have links to money.  Whether aware of it or not, we each have a relationship with money.


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