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August 2018
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Note to Savers
As I exited the interstate for work recently, my attention was drawn to a billboard.  I’m not the most observant person, even with something as big as a billboard, but this one stood out for a couple of reasons: 1) It wasn’t for a personal injury attorney, and 2) It was for a credit union offering a special rate on CDs.  Problem is, it wasn’t our credit union.  For once, I’d have preferred to see the smiling face of Alexander Shunnarah.  But this isn’t the first time I’ve seen competitor ads for CD specials lately.  Suddenly, it seems they’re everywhere!  But why now when the Federal Reserve began steadily raising rates almost 3 years ago?  Most financial institutions didn’t raise deposit rates then because people weren’t borrowing money.  Financial institutions don’t want your money if they can’t lend it out; it’s not profitable.  It’s like buying a new dress for a party you aren’t invited to.

Why Do We Reuse Passwords?

Why do 61% of us still use passwords? We asked 2,000 people about their password habits and here's what we found. It feels like almost every day there’s another data breach in the news, or a case of user credentials up for sale on the Dark Web. Despite the headlines, and repeated warnings from experts about weak passwords and the dangers of password reuse, users have yet to change their online behavior.


Overdraft Protection 101
Benefits and drawbacks of overdraft protection

Living beyond your means can cost you twice. There’s the actual payment that you can’t cover and the corresponding overdraft fee, which adds insult to injury by charging you a penalty for drawing money you don’t have. It’s an expensive and frustrating cycle, but knowing how to use your financial institution’s overdraft protection service to your advantage can help you break free.

Upcoming Closings

Labor Day - September 3rd

Thanksgiving Day - November 22nd

Day after Thanksgiving - November 23rd
Drive Thru Only 8am-12pm

Christmas - December 24th & 25th

Best First Pets for Kids
What pet will work well with your family?

Your children have been pestering you incessantly for a pet, but you aren’t completely sure that they’re ready to handle the responsibility that comes with having one. It is important to ensure that you pick the pet that is best suited for your children’s age and maturity to ensure that everyone is happy for years to come.

How to Establish Good Social Media Practices with Your Kids
Help your kids be smart and safe while being social online

Although it has the power to connect, inform and engage people like never before, social media can also put your child in potentially dangerous situations. With your guidance, your child can safely navigate the pitfalls and celebrate the joys of social media.

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