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January 2018 

"Happiness depends more upon the internal frame of a person's own mind than on the externals in the world".

From George Washington to Mary Ball Washington / Thursday, February 15, 1787

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Online Banking users with Bill Pay, will find a completely refreshed payment module with our upgrade planned for release on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. This upgrade will take the service down for approximately 3-5 hours early on the morning of February 7th. Please plan your payments around this down time.  None of your current account records will be lost, this is simply a very solid upgrade to our existing Bill Pay program.

New Features include:
  • The new user interface that is easier to use and very intuitive.
  • A new advanced “look and feel” with cleaner and improved navigation.
  • Convenient, Mobile Friendly access.
  • Users can create Payee Groups.
  • Single Pay and Multi Pay tabs.
  • Last Account used is remembered as the “Primary Default”.
We are excited to offer this new upgrade with its robust selection of reports, research tools, record keeping, reminders and quick review of recent activities. Bank of George strives to launch the products and services that make your financial transaction, “The Best Banking Experience, Ever!“

Automatic vs. Manual Bill Pay
Here are some of the best ways to utilize automatic and manual payments
The increase of technology in our society is not only seeping into our media and personal tech, but also into our finances. Many of your bills likely allow you to pay online and some will even have an option for automatic payments, with the money coming out of your account each month without you having to lift a finger or send a check in the mail.

Chill Out in Santa Monica, California
Escape to this sunny piece of the Golden State

Winter is settling in across the United States, and if you live in one of the northern states, you are probably thinking about taking a vacation somewhere warm. While you could spend your hard-earned money on a distant tropical vacation, you can also head to Santa Monica in southern California for a great time on the warm beach. Consider this Golden State destination for your escape from this year’s snow drifts.

Small Business Grants for Women-Owned Businesses
Help your business stand out with a boost from one of these grants

To help women start their own small businesses, improve these statistics and add to the economy, several institutions offer grants to female entrepreneurs.

How to Protect Valuable Business Documents
Tips to safeguard your business’ confidential and important papers

Identifying information, confidential communications and financial data are like your business’ fingerprint — unique to your business and vital to its success. That’s why it is so important, especially in today’s age of identity thieves and online hackers, to safeguard your business’ most crucial documents.

Saving for the New Year
Turn over a fresh financial leaf

A new year provides a great opportunity to press the reset button on your financial goals. Whether you are continuing your current resolutions or initiating new ones, here are some strategies to help boost savings and curb expenses in 2018.

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