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May 2019
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Hit a Grand Slam

Refinance with Banner Federal and get up to 90 days to make your first payment.  As a bonus, if we can’t beat your current interest rate, we’ll match it!

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Love My Credit Union Rewards

Your credit union membership is about the trust and care of community, built around where you live, work, and play. That’s why Banner Federal Credit Union membership saves you money through exclusive member-only offers through our trusted partners.

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Press Credit to Get It

With CardCash™ Cash Back Debit Rewards, you earn up to 1% cash back on your qualified non-PIN debit card purchases. Earn UNLIMITED cash back annually.*

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Deposit Checks Easily!

Make your errand list shorter. Deposit your checks from anywhere using your smartphone and our TouchBanking mobile app to access your account.

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What is Spear Phishing?
How hackers use personal information to scam you
With the pervasiveness of email and instant messaging, phishing scams are an unfortunate reality in modern life. It’s important to know how to spot these scams and how to avoid falling prey to them.
Preparing for a Possible Recession
Steps to help you prep for a possible recession
Even if a recession seems like a remote possibility, it’s a smart move to consider how a potential recession will impact your financial health and security. The old adage is sound advice — “expect the best, prepare for the worst.”
Tips for Outdoor Entertaining
Providing the perfect venue for a fun party
Before you send out that event invite on Facebook or text your friends about a big gathering at your place, have a plan ready to turn your humble abode into the perfect place for entertaining.
Photography Apps for Your Phone
Filter or no filter, these apps will make your pictures pop
Taking photographs with your smartphone is just a way of life, whether it’s celebrating a night out with your best friend or chronicling a well-earned vacation with your partner. To really capture a moment and make a perfect social media post, these photography apps will come in handy.
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