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February 2013
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Recipe of the Month
Blarney Stone - Kissed Cookies
by allrecipes.com

"Rich and chocolaty cookies that are formed into logs and chilled before being sliced and baked. Once baked they are glazed with green icing and topped with a Hershey's Kiss Chocolate." — HersheysKitchens.com 
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DCH Credit Union to hold 58th Annual Meeting

DCH Credit Union

58th Annual Meeting

Monday, March 18th, 2013
Hotel Capstone Ballroom
6:00 pm

 Food, Give-a-ways, and Door Prizes!

All Members are Invited
 to Attend

Great Spring Promotions from DCH Credit Union

Be on the lookout for great promotions this Spring and Summer, including Visa, Auto, and Home Improvement.

Federal Checks Will Soon Go Direct
The deadline for setting up electronic payments for federal checks is approaching
Photo: Federal Checks Will Soon Go Direct
If you are receiving checks by mail for VA, Social Security, other federal benefits or nontax payments, you should know that you will soon be required to switch to electronic payments. The U.S. Department of the Treasury is mandating that this change take place before March 1, 2013. People applying for new benefits will need to use e-payments from the get-go, so it is important to learn what they entail before applying.
Financing Lifeís Big Events
Tips on taking out loans for special events in life
Photo: Financing Lifeís Big Events
Significant life events are happening all the time Ė your daughter is getting married, your son is heading off to college, you finally decided to retire and youíre planning that vacation of a lifetime. These are joyous occasions, so being stressed about how to fund them shouldnít be overshadowing your experiences and your memories. Here are some tips on how to obtain a loan for these special events to help put your mind at ease.
The Four Cís of Retirement
Simplify retirement planning by homing in on these general guidelines
Photo: The Four Cís of Retirement
Given the amount of information swirling about the economy in general and, more specifically, around retirement planning, it can be helpful to simplify oneís thinking. Consider, perhaps, the four Cís of retirement as a way to become more focused and confident about retirement.
Jr. Achievement Bowling Classic

DCH Credit Union will be participating in the 2013 Jr. Achievement Bowling Classic on Saturday, March 16th.
If you would like to make a donation to Jr. Achievement, you may do so by asking any DCH CU Employee. You may also go to Amy Price's Fundraising Page and donate online. All money raised on this page will go to the entire DCH Credit Union team.
To learn more about Jr. Achievement and all they do, go to www.ja.org.

Boosting your Health with Supplements
Avoid potential risks when using natural remedies

Many Americans looking for a health boost are seeking out supplements. Whether theyíre herbal remedies or vitamins, supplements offer a mixed bag. In some cases they have proven benefits ó in other instances the science behind them is murky at best. In the worst cases they can even be dangerous, putting people at risk for health complications, according to the National Institutes of Healthís National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).
Five SUV Alternatives
Fuel efficiency and driving dynamics in vehicles that donít sacrifice cargo space
Photo: Five SUV Alternatives
The car-buying public often dreams of the versatility, all-terrain capabilities, seating and cargo space afforded by sport utility vehicles but can also be made skittish by the poor fuel economy and perhaps even the sheer size of SUVs. As several new crossovers, sport utility wagons and even vans demonstrate, however, the car-buying public may just be able to have its cake and eat it too.
Best Tom Cruise Movies of All-Time
One of America's favorite actors never fails to please

As one of the most popular actors to ever grace the big screen, the charismatic and talented Tom Cruise has spent decades as a major box office draw. Many have seen all of his films, which are often considered "box office gold" due to their mass appeal in theaters worldwide. However, if you have not, you may want to tackle this list of his most memorable roles.
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