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April 2017††
April 2017

Watch Your Nest Egg Grow!

With interest rates as high as 2.10% APY* on a 60 Month Jumbo Certificate of Deposit (CD)

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Consider a Home Equity Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit for Your Spring Projects!
Great low rates!
Spring has sprung and maybe youíve also noticed that youíve sprung a leak in your roof or in your plumbing.  If so then itís time for some much needed home improvements around your house.

Three Things You Need to Do to Your Student Loans Right Now
Stay ahead of this big expense
Recent college graduates already have enough on their plates worrying about getting a job and supporting themselves ó the last thing they want to do is stress over student loan repayment. For most, paying off student loans takes a long time, so no matter where you are in that process, there are three things you should stop and do right now.

Get 0% APR on Our Own VISA Platinum Credit Cards!
They just keep getting better!

Get 0% APR on Our Own VISA Platinum Credit Cards

Now with:

Introductory 0% APR on new purchases for 6 months

0% APR on balance transfers for 6 months

The Dangers of DIY Projects: Why Itís Best to Get a Loan to Properly Pay for Work
Why youíre better off getting a loan and hiring the experts for your home project
Many homeowners decide to take on an improvement project either because of cost or the desire to do something for themselves. However, sometimes itís best to get a loan and leave the work to the professionals.

Tips for Making Safe Credit Card Purchases Online
In todayís digital age, you need to be especially careful when making online purchases
With online shopping becoming the norm, people have also become more susceptible to identity theft. Itís imperative that you be careful and mindful of how you shop online.

Insurance for Your Small Business
5 types of coverage you should consider
The rewards of owning your own business far outweigh the risks ó particularly if you protect yourself from as many risks as possible with a comprehensive insurance plan. These are the five types of insurance you should consider for your business:

5 Best Video Games to Play With Friends
Itís always more fun to play with friends
There are countless multiplayer games available across all gaming platforms, but some stand out as being more enjoyable to play with friends than others.

7 Signs Youíre Doing Laundry All Wrong
Are you making these common laundry mistakes?
Despite years of laundry experience, there are ďloadsĒ of ways to make mistakes with this chore. If youíre doing any of the following, itís time to change your clothes-cleaning practices.

Does Gender Impact Auto Insurance Rates?
A few facts you need to know
If you drive a vehicle, as most people do, auto insurance is a fact of life. And everyone is continuously looking for ways to cut their rates. But there are some interesting facts that you may not know when it comes to gender and its impact on those rates.

How You Can Help Reduce Air Pollution
Help keep the air around you clean by employing these methods to reduce air pollution
In order for our bodies to receive the oxygen that we require to survive, we need to constantly breathe in the air around us. As such, we definitely want the air we breathe to be clean.

Exercises You Can Do As a Family
Round up the family for these fun workouts
When it comes to balancing family life and work while trying to throw in daily exercise, things can often get incredibly hectic. To combine family time and a workout, try some of these exercises you can all do together.

Visit Orlando, Florida
Add some magic to your vacation by making Orlando, Florida, your destination
Even though the cityís theme parks, such as Disney World, are its main draw, they arenít the only reasons to visit Orlando.

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