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Landscaping Tips for Beginners
How to spruce up your yard like a pro

Landscaping is not a one-and-done operation that requires little thought, which can make it feel like an overwhelming task if you’ve never done it before. If you are new to cultivating a healthy, beautiful outdoor environment for your property, these tips will help you get the job done right the first time.

Dream and evaluate

Landscaping around your property starts with identifying your wants and needs. A serene setting for reading is going to look different from a play area for your children. Emily Murphy, writing for hose and sprinkler manufacture Gilmour, encourages you to start with a list of needs and draw out your desired result. From there, survey your land for where the sun shines, how the wind moves through it and the possibility of getting water from one side of your plot to the other.

Design smart decisions

Per Torgerson Design Partners, color, height and texture all factor into the overall design of your landscape. Your theme should consist of one color with a mix of shades or a couple different colors that complement each other. For height, keep the taller plants toward the back and smaller plants toward the front to ensure every plant is visible. Utilize differing textures to diversify the appearance of your property; choose trees, flowering plants and shrubberies with small and large leaves for a varied look. The plants you choose can either beautify your yard or overwhelm it and knowing how to use these concepts to your advantage will keep you firmly on the side of the former.

Fertilize your plants

Set your newly planted flowers and shrubs up for success by caring for them the best way possible. Starter fertilizer provides everything you plant with a strong foundation to grow. Per HGTV, the ideal fertilizer for your new plants includes low nitrogen, phosphorous and mycorrhizae-beneficial fungi. These three nutrients will add sustenance to the soil, allowing your plants to take root and stay healthy.

Outline your beds

Once your flower beds become hom to your choice of flowers, shrubs and trees, it’s time to edge to them. Torgerson Design Partners suggests using stone, rocks, bricks or plastic edging to loop around your planting area. This keeps you from mowing over your plants, and this divide can keep weeds from invading your territory. In addition to the beds around your home, you can edge around your trees as well as isolated beds in front of your house.

Get on your lawn

You can’t put maintaining the grass on the backburner. Mowing too little after consecutive days of rain is a mistake and cutting your lawn too often during a dry spell will kill your lawn. Per Torgerson Design Partners, you only need to mow the top 1/3 of the grass. Water it often and utilize a weed control solution to rid your yard of any unwanted plants. Just make sure that whatever weed control method you choose doesn’t harm the grass.

With careful planning and the right plants and features, the outside of your home will be as welcoming as the inside. Invite your friends and neighbors over for a tour and cookout and admire all of your hard work.

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