September 2022
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Holiday Closing

Columbus Day

Monday, October 10th

Veteran's Day

Friday, November 11th 

Our High Street Branch Has Moved!

Our High Street branch has closed and relocated to our new office located at 299 E Leffel Lane.

Come visit us!

Getting Ahead
Finding the Right Renters Insurance
Tips for selecting the best coverage for you

Here are some tips on finding the right renters insurance for your needs.


What to Know About Pell Grant Financial Aid
Pell Grant guide: Applying, qualifying, complying, and more

Here’s a closer look at how this federal grant program works and who qualifies for it.


How Those Over 50 Can Play "Retirement Catch-Up"
Ways to catch up on retirement savings goals if you’re over 50

If retirement is looming, but you have not built the nest egg you want or need for worry-free golden years, there is no need to fret.


Business Banking
5 Investing Mistakes Every Beginner Makes
Tips for avoiding common pitfalls

Investing comes with ups and downs — which can lead beginner investors to make rash decisions that could be costly in the long run.


5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make Banking Online
Avoid these common pitfalls

Online banking can take the hassle out of managing your money — but common mistakes can jeopardize your savings and endanger your accounts.


Exercises to Perform Before Bed for Better Sleep
Stretches and exercises to help you sleep better at night

A good night of sleep is the key to a productive, enjoyable day. But sometimes getting a satisfying amount of z’s is frustratingly impossible.


How to Season Your Way to Greater Flavor
Transform mundane meals with these herbs and spices

Vibrant herbs and zesty spices abound at local grocery stores, online specialty shops, and perhaps even in your own yard or garden.


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