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A Better Way to Pay for College!
Did you know that IH Credit Union offers student loans to help you fill the funding gaps that federal aid can leave behind? By partnering with other credit unions to form Credit Union Student Choice, we are able to offer members lower cost financing options that will help you or a family member achieve your dream of a higher education.

Our loan product was truly designed with your best interest in mind and offers lower loan rates, zero origination fees and more flexible repayment options. Click here to try out our total cost calculator, learn more details about our student loan products or apply online!

You can also find out more about our student loans by calling our Student loan call center at 866-825-6580.

What Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover?
Are you sure of what your homeowner’s insurance will cover in the event of a disaster?

Before a disaster strikes, it’s important to know what exactly is covered—and in some cases, it’s even more important to know what isn’t covered.

Smart Ways to Save on College Textbooks
Don’t overpay for your next semester’s college textbooks

Purchasing textbooks is one of the highest recurring costs of attending college, with prices consistently rising. However, there are a few good ways to avoid the high expense at the start of each …

Money Management Books You Should Read This Year
A trio of must-read books to help you find success

Being well-read can help you better enable yourself to make your money work for you, provided that you know which books on the subject have proven successful for others.

How Is Your Credit Score Determined?
The importance of understanding what influences your credit score

Your credit score is calculated by a combination of five different factors, each contributing a different ratio of influence. According to Stacy Smith, Senior Publish Education Specialist for …

How to Discuss Investment Opportunities With Your Spouse
The best way for you and your partner to invest in your future

Money can be a sensitive topic, especially between married couples. If you share your finances, then it is likely that any new investment opportunity must be discussed with your spouse before you …

2017 Social Security Changes You Might Have Missed
What you need to know about your benefits in 2017

A number of changes have already been implemented to Social Security for 2017; if you are not aware of what they are and how they will affect you, consider the following.

The Best of the Best Springfield 2017

"The Best of Springfield" is a contest that celebrates everything that makes our community a great place to call home! The general public will choose their "Best Of" in a total of 32 categories covering a variety of businesses and interests. Votes will be cast via an online voting site and winners will be celebrated at a special event held by the Chamber on October 19th.

We need your help! We are in the running to be named "Best of the Best" in the Bank/Insurance/Financial Services category. Please vote for us here. All votes must be cast by July 31st. We appreciate your support!

5 Surprising Facts about the American Flag
Learn the secrets surrounding the stars and stripes

Few symbols are more recognized or more representative of the United States and its values than the American flag.

6 Reasons to Unplug This Summer
Unplug this summer to connect with friends, family and yourself

The summer poses the perfect opportunity to unplug from technology, and these six reasons explain why it’s good for you.

Level Up Your Burger Game with These Unique Toppings
Make your cookout memorable by thinking outside of the bun

While conventional logic holds that your burger is accompanied by ketchup, mustard, onion, lettuce, tomato and pickle, there is great possibility for boldness in burger-making by selecting more unusual fare.

Learn the History of Fireworks
Do you know how fireworks got their spark?

Although today’s firework displays, especially on the Fourth of July, seem to get grander and more impressive each year, fireworks’ original spark was a bit of a fiery surprise.

4 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sunburn
Prevent sunburn with these skin care tips

Worshipping the sun can come at a painful price, but staying indoors all day is unhealthy, too. If you practice sun smarts, it is possible to enjoy fun-in-the-sun and protect your skin from sunburn this summer.

Vehicle Details: Less Popular Vehicles That May Be Perfect For You
The perfect vehicle may be the one you didn’t expect

There are many vehicles that just sell themselves, but their high volume doesn’t mean they’re what you need or seek. If you want to drive something a little different from the pack, here are a few vehicles you should consider.

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