November 2020
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New Beavercreek Office Now Open!

We are excited to announce that our new branch in Beavercreek at 1464 N. Fairfield Road is now open!

The new branch is a full service location. From opening accounts to applying for a loan, the friendly and helpful staff is ready to help.


Our new office differs from our four existing locations, because it offers Interactive Teller Machines in the lobby in place of a traditional teller line. Interactive Teller Machines allow customers to interact with a credit union teller in real time to complete their banking transactions. They also allow customers the ability to do banking transactions without the need for physical contact which is beneficial during these unprecedented times.

We are excited to have more locations to better serve our existing members and also to be branching out into a new community. Stop in our new location today!

Holiday Closings
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 26th

Day Following Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 27th

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