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What Is a Good Amount for an Emergency Fund?
Understanding and determining how much money you should keep for disasters

Unexpected expenses can throw your life into turmoil — and if you don’t have the money to resolve the crisis, your life will become even more difficult. That’s why you need an emergency fund.
Insurance Terms Defined: Premiums, Deductibles and Everything in Between
Defining important insurance terms

The world isn’t perfect and since bad things happen, insurance is an important safety net, helping to protect your home, auto and possessions. Knowing that you need insurance is a no-brainer, but …

How Does the Stock Market Personally Impact You?
What does the movement of the stock market mean for you

Even if you are directly involved in the stock market, you may not understand its influence on the economy.
How Can You Use Retirement Savings Early?
Tips for making a sound financial decision

When you’re strapped for cash, you might consider drawing money from your retirement savings fund. However, retirement plans vary greatly in terms of fees, rules and tax liability for early …

Holiday Closings

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 20th

President's Day

Monday, February 17th

Annual Meeting
Our Annual Meeting is Saturday, January 25th at 6:00 pm. It will be held at the Main office at 5000 Urbana Road.

How to Make Fruits and Veggies Stay Fresh Longer
Ways to lengthen the shelf life of produce

Save money, enjoy fresh food and reduce your household waste by using these six easy tips to keep your produce from spoiling.
Tips for Staying Positive During the Winter
Don’t let the cold weather and early nights get you down

While the winter many be best-known for jovial holiday festivities and a sense of togetherness, it can also be challenging on an emotional and mental level.
4 Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes
Delicious dishes you can easily prepare in a pressure cooker

Cooking a flavorful, succulent meal can take a long time … unless you have a pressure cooker. This brilliant invention can do the work of an oven, wok or slow cooker in a fraction of the time.
3 NYC Rom-Coms to Enjoy This Valentine’s Day
Cozy up with these romantic films set in the Big Apple

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re single and ready to mingle, these classic romantic comedies set in New York City are sure to set the mood for Valentine’s Day.

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