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Laird's Tax & Accounting
Tax Time Special!
$20 off tax preparation for IH Credit Union members!

Laird's is now offering members of IH Credit Union $20 off the preparation of their tax return.

New Client Special!

If you had your tax return prepared at another local or national firm last year, and you choose Laird's for your return prep this year with your previous receipt, having the SAME FORMS – you will receive a 50% DISCOUNT on the price you paid. The minimum fee will be $50. Discount for Tax Prep ONLY.

When You Need a Co-Signer
The advantages of having a co-signer for an auto loan

If it’s your first time buying a car, it is likely that you won’t have enough funds to pay for it in cash. If you are a young driver, you likely also won’t have the necessary credit history to …

Should You Pay Down Debt or Save?
What’s makes better financial sense — saving or paying down debt first?

Should you put retirement savings first or is it better to be debt-free? Or is a combined effort your best plan of action on your quest for financial health and security?

The Importance of Checkbook Safety
Why keeping your checkbook secure is a smart move

A checkbook might feel like a financial relic, but it has a relevant place in today’s world. To reap all the benefits a checkbook can offer, it’s important to keep it safe.

How to Plan Your Retirement Using Age Banding
Planning for the three stages of retirement

As you plan for retirement, two of the most important questions you can ask are “How much money will I need to maintain my standard of living?” and “How long will I need to live on that amount?” Age …

What is a Fiduciary?
The role of a fiduciary in making essential arrangements for your assets

When you are making arrangements to ensure complete financial security for yourself and for your family, you might happen across the idea of obtaining a fiduciary.

What is a Hedge Fund?
You might know less about this concept than you realize

If you read The Wall Street Journal or follow stock market updates on the national news, you probably have heard the term “hedge fund.” Understanding more about what it means can go a long way …

When You Should Increase Your Deductible
Scenarios that might justify a higher deductible

Discover what circumstances might legitimize a higher deductible, as well as some strategies for adjusting your deductible for different coverages.

Holiday Closings

President's Day

Monday, February 18th

How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time
Getting your body ready for the upcoming time change

With 2019 underway, your thoughts are likely already turning to the start of spring and the return of warmer weather. Before you can bask in the sunshine, there’s one bridge you’ll need to cross: daylight saving time.

The History of Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras tradition traces deep roots

In cities around the world, and particularly in New Orleans, Mardi Gras fills the late days of winter with colorful revelry. If you’ve ever wondered how this annual tradition got its start, here’s a look at the roots of the holiday and how it developed in the United States.

Tips for Deep Cleaning and Organizing Your Fridge
Keep your fridge clean and tidy with these tips

Your refrigerator is an essential and hard-working appliance in your home. If it’s a gross mess, it’s degrading the quality of your food and putting you and your family at risk.

4 Books That Will Transport You to a New Location
Escape the everyday with these immersive, imaginative reads

Whether you prefer books that travel to other country or those that blast off to completely different planets, there are plenty of titles that will help you leave behind the room you’re sitting in.

The Truth About Vitamins
Are vitamins the support you need to improve or maintain your health?

From heart and cardiovascular support to improving cognitive functions, memory and digestion, there seems to be a vitamin that can solve your every health woe as well as prevent problems. With so many vitamins available on the market, how do you know which ones, if any, you should take?

Experience Southern Charm in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Visit the city that Glenn Miller made famous

Situated along the Tennessee River in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga bridges the gap between Tennessee and Georgia, blending the Southern charm, beauty and culinary heritage of both states.

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