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Laird's Tax & Accounting
Tax Time Special!
$20 off tax preparation for IH Credit Union members!

Laird's is now offering members of IH Credit Union $20 off the preparation of their tax return.

2019 M. Angela Theriac Memorial Scholarship
Each year we choose one exemplary student to win our $2,500 M. Angela Theriac Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship must be used during the 2019-2020 academic year, and will be paid directly to the winner who is enrolled in a vocational, technical, 2 or 4-year accredited college or university. The money may be used at the student’s discretion to help with the costs associated with education, including tuition, books, fees, or various living costs.
Grow Your Green
We are celebrating spring with great rates on certificates of deposit to help your savings grow! Get started with just a $1,000 minimum deposit.

7 Month Special 2.29% rate and 2.32% APY

11 Month Special 2.59% rate and 2.62% APY

Don’t wait – these special rates will only be available for a limited time! *APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum deposit of $1,000 for this special rate. Rate is nonrenewable and is effective as of March 8, 2019. Terms and Conditions Subject to Change Without Notice. Subject to penalty for early withdrawal.
Financial Aid Resources
These financial aid programs can help you pay for college

A college education can help you secure a sounder financial future. Yet securing that education often comes at a very high cost. Financial aid can help alleviate some of that cost, and it can come …

Minimizing Damage When You’re Upside-Down on Your Car Loan
What to do when you have negative equity

If you unexpectedly need to pay off the entire balance of your car loan, you may face an unsavory bill if you are upside-down on your car loan — known as having negative equity, when you own more …

What is Escrow?
Learn more about how to keep your money safe in big transactions

If you have ever shopped for a house, you have heard of the term “escrow” or the phrase “in escrow.” Before you get overwhelmed with financial talk, learn more about what exactly escrow is and how …

Organizing and Storing Your Online Passwords
Keep your passwords secure and accessible with these storage methods

Considering how connected you are in today’s digital world, it’s important to ensure your online presence is secure with a strong set of passwords.

Should You Insure Your Possessions?
Insuring your possessions with extra insurance might be a good investment

Some possessions are worth more than others; a wedding ring, heirloom piece of jewelry, notable work of art or a prized antique can carry significant value, in terms of both money and …

Holiday Closings

Good Friday

Friday, April 19th
Saturday, April 20th- office on W. First Street closed

Recharge with These 5 Self-Care Practices
Self-care practices to help you recharge

Taking care of your family and friends while handling the pressures of work will quickly deplete your internal battery. And when your energy is gone, everyone you love and everything you love to do suffers.

What to Plant in Your Garden This Spring
Jumpstart the growing season with these 7 plants

Many people anticipate the annual deluge of flowers and plants that occurs in spring and summer. It’s not too early to start planning what type of flora you want to have in your garden this growing season and to set a date for planting the seeds.

3 Easy Side Dishes to Make for Easter Dinner
Simple, delicious dishes to complement your Easter dinner

Side dishes often play a supporting role at Easter dinner. With the following recipes, however, your accompaniments will be elevated to star-status.

How to Incorporate More Movement into Your Day
Add some exercise to your daily office routine with these simple techniques

According to the Mayo Clinic, excessive sitting can lead to health complications later in life. It’s in every worker’s interest to move around as much as possible throughout the day, and there are several ways you can incorporate more movement into your routine.

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