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Should Women Plan Differently for Retirement?
Women face unique burdens that men do not

Hopefully you’re already saving and preparing for the day you don’t have to work anymore. When you’ve been charting your progress, do you take your gender into account?

How to Appeal a Denied Health Insurance Claim
How to get health insurance claims approved

Dealing with insurance red tape adds complications no one wants when facing a health issue. To help avoid unwanted stress on your finances and your peace of mind, consider the following methods to …

How to Budget for Your First Home
Tips to start your first mortgage on the right foot

Entering into home-ownership when you’re ready is more important than doing so right away. Make sure you have a clear, accurate idea of your budget before you buy your first house.

Home Equity Line of Credit vs. Home Equity Loan
Know the differences between these financial solutions

If you’re in need of funds for home repairs, renovations, or paying down high-interest debt, you may have considered a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. They each come with their own …

Do You Need an Investment Advisor?
Professional guidance for your portfolio’s health

If you don’t wish to manage your portfolio on your own, seeking expert assistance is a wise move. Consulting with a registered investment advisor can help you put your money to work in a more …

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Outdoor Games to Keep Guests Entertained
Fun and challenging activities that your whole party can get behind

Summer is the ideal time to host outdoor cookouts and family gatherings. If you have a big enough yard, these fun games will amuse your friends and loved ones.

5 TV Shows to Watch This Fall
From cable to streaming, these new shows will surely grab your attention

Whether you’re upset about your favorite show getting cancelled and need solace in a new series or you just want to change things up a bit, there are a handful of refreshing new shows premiering soon.

Dining Out on a Budget
Easy ways to lower your restaurant bill

Being smart with your money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the luxury of eating out.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Coupons
Save more money with these coupon hacks

Coupons, whether they’re old-school paper, store promotions, online or app-based, are designed to help make you a savvier consumer. From saving cents and dollars to getting two for the price of one, coupons can safeguard your shopping budget and afford a little wiggle room for more.

Best Personal Finance Books For 2019
You can find help from the experts at your bookstore or library

To make sure you’re caught up on all the latest trends and strategies in personal finance, consider one of these books recommended by the experts.

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