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International Credit Union Day Celebration
On October 17th, credit unions around the world will be celebrating International Credit Union Day! This day is set aside each year to celebrate the spirit of the credit union movement. For nearly two centuries, financial cooperatives have encouraged people from all walks of life to come together for the betterment of their communities. It's about people helping people, and that is why we celebrate credit unions on October 17th.

This year, we're celebrating International Credit Union Day with a contest members can enter by signing up for any new service October 1st-19th. We are also having a groovy 1960's themed coloring contest for children. There will be food available in all of our offices for lunch on Thursday, October 17th. Please stop in one of our four locations to celebrate with us!
Why You Need to Know Interest Rates
Understanding interest rates and why they matter

When you invest your money or take out a loan, you’re affected by an interest rate. Understanding what an interest rate is and how it works impacts how much money you keep or how much you pay out.

Ways to Save On Your Auto Insurance
Auto insurance savings tips

Owning a car is an expensive privilege that can easily get more costly when you’re faced with fluctuating gas prices and unexpected repairs. That’s why you must be diligent about finding ways to …

Financial Tips for Going Back to School
Financial tips for mature learners

If you’re considering going back to college to boost your credentials, you’re probably on the lookout for money-saving strategies.

Common Financial Fees
Bank account charges you can easily avoid

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Holiday Closing

Columbus Day

Monday, October 14th

How Marriage Affects Debt
Know your liabilities if you’re marrying someone with debts

Sharing your life means sharing the good and the bad, and that includes your finances. If you or your partner have existing debts, it’s important to know how your marriage will affect those financial obligations.

How to Incorporate More Steps in Your Day
Ways to be more active in your daily life

It’s a well-worn bit of fitness advice — you should aim to take 10,000 steps every day. You can work towards a more active lifestyle by trying out these seven easy tips.

Is a Home Security System Right for You?
Should you invest in a home security system?

Even though you might consider your home to be a castle, fortifying it with a moat just won’t work in today’s world (or follow building codes). However, a modern home security system can offer you similar protection minus the annoying creaky drawbridge.

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