July 2020
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New Branch Coming Soon!
We are thrilled to announce that our new branch located at 1474 North Fairfield Road will be opening in late October! We are excited to have more locations to better serve our current members and also to branch out into a new community. Our plan is to share more details about the grand opening early this fall.

Getting Ahead
Learn More About Direct Deposit
Are you taking full advantage of the benefits of direct deposit?

It’s easy to take conveniences like direct deposit for granted without fully understanding how it works or why you should use it.


4 Reasons You Need to Pay Your Bills on Time
How paying bills on time can improve your life

Not only does paying bills on time help you avoid a number of nasty repercussions, but it can also have lots of short- and long-term positive side effects.


Perks of a Good Credit Score
Discover the empowerment of having a solid credit score

Achieving and maintaining a good credit score will enable you to fund the major purchases that you’ve been dreaming about.


Business Banking
Understanding Investment Risks
The risky business of investments

The principle of “The greater the risk, the greater the reward” is tossed around a lot when it comes to gambling with your financial life.


Should You Buy a Foreclosed Home?
The pros and cons of buying a foreclosed home

Buying a foreclosed house can come with downsides that outweigh the initial advantages.


Consider Peace of Mind with Valuable Items Insurance
Make sure your most prized possessions are fully covered

Do you own any jewelry, antiques or other valuables? If so, you may need to purchase additional insurance for these items, as their full value may not be covered by your regular policies.


5 Relaxing Hobbies to Help You De-Stress
Try one of these hobbies to help you chill out

From outdoor activities around the house to simply writing down your thoughts, you can easily find solace.


Savings Tips for a Great Getaway
Don’t break the bank on your travels

If you have dreams of going on a great getaway but are worried about the costs required to make these dreams come true, it’s a good idea to begin budgeting for your trip as soon as possible.


5 Good Reasons to Consider Roadside Assistance
Common signs that you may need help on the road

When it comes to driving, it’s always wise to expect the unexpected. Even the most prepared drivers can be caught off guard when unforeseen issues arise.


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