August 2020
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The Latest
Interactive Teller Machines Coming Soon!
Interactive Teller Machines are coming in the next few weeks! ITMs look like ATM machines, but they allow you to interact with an IH Credit Union teller in real time. Think of it as "Express Banking."

How ITMs Benefit Members

  • Added convenience, including extended hours
  • You can do more in one visit.
  • You'll connect with a live IH Credit Union teller
  • ITMs allow tellers to serve more locations with varying amounts of transactions
  • ITMs don’t require deposit slips or drive through tube systems

We are excited to introduce our members to the convenience of ITMs!

News & Events
New Branch Coming Soon!
Our new branch located at 1474 North Fairfield Road will be opening in late October! We are excited to have more locations to better serve our current members and also to branch out into a new community. We will share more details about the grand opening early this fall.

Getting Ahead
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Business Banking
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Protect Your Online Accounts from Phishing
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4 Must-Read Cookbooks for 2020
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