April 2021
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Saturday Hours!
Did you know that our ITMs have allowed us to offer Saturday hours at additional locations? You can now complete your banking transactions on Saturdays at our ITMs located at 5000 Urbana Rd, 1464 N. Fairfield Rd, and 1427 W. First St from 9am-12pm. If you still haven't tried our ITMs, they allow you to interact with an IH Credit Union teller in real time. Our First Street location also offers lobby hours 9am- 12pm on Saturdays.

Getting Ahead
Saving Money in College
How to be a frugal student

Between paying for tuition and covering living expenses, you may find it challenging to save up money while in college.


Should You Buy a New or Used Car?
Make sure that your purchase is the best fit

Before you dive too deep into details when you're car shopping, you should decide if you plan on buying a new or used vehicle.


Business Banking
Dow vs. Nasdaq
Understanding the differences in stock indices

We’ve all heard about the Dow and the Nasdaq. At times, it’s almost as if the terms are used interchangeably when discussing the economy or stocks. However, these are simply two tools that investors can use to check on the health of the market.


Insuring Big Purchases
Protect your pricey possessions with the right insurance coverage

You are ready and willing to splurge on an expensive gift for a loved one or yourself. Before you hand over the money for the life-changing purchase or investment, though, make sure you factor in another cost — insurance.


Exciting Yard Games to Try This Summer
Try your hand at any of these entertaining competitions

In the last year, many of us have found new ways to stay entertained at home. Now that the weather is warming up, there’s an opportunity to discover some exciting yard games to play with the family.


Turn 4 Classic Sandwiches into Themed Pizzas
How to transform your favorite sandwiches into delicious pizza pies

Pizza is a fantastic dish because of its versatility. It’s all about customizing it with your favorite toppings and sauces. If you’re looking for new ways to personalize your home-cooked pizzas, have you considered using sandwiches as inspiration?


Car Care: Tips for Cleaning and Organizing the Interior
A few easy ways to keep your vehicle’s interior looking and feeling like new

Keeping your vehicle’s interior clean and organized can feel like a hassle or a chore that’s easy to put off. But, much like regularly tidying your home, it’s important.


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