July 2022
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Need a Student Loan? We can help!
Student Choice Student Loans
What to Know About Applying for Student Loans

Applying for a private student loan may seem confusing and intimidating, especially if you don’t have much experience handling personal finances. But with a bit of research and planning, you can make the process quicker and easier.

First, remember that you should utilize scholarships, grants, and federal student loans before turning to private student loans to cover your college costs. If you exhaust those options and still need additional help paying for college, private student loans are your next step.

The borrowing experience varies from lender to lender, but there are a few across-the-board items to keep in mind as you get started. Here we answer some common questions about getting a private student loan.


Getting Ahead
Ways To Organize Your Financial Accounts and Bills Online
Get your finances together and get a clear picture of how your money is working

Getting your finances in order isn’t just smart — it’s easy to do thanks to a wide range of convenient online tools at your disposal.


Hidden Expenses for First-Time Homebuyers
Watch out for these costs when you purchase your first home

If you’re purchasing a house for the first time, it’s important to know that the down payment and monthly mortgage payments are just the beginning of what you’ll need to spend.


Business Banking
Pros and Cons of Short-Term Health Insurance Plans
When short-term health insurance might be just what the doctor ordered

One option available to you is short-term health insurance plans, which offer affordable options that might be ideal if you recently lost your job or need extra coverage.


Simple Wealth Building Strategies You Can Learn from the Super Rich
Begin building your family fortune with these simple tips

Building wealth is not easy. There’s only so much of it to go around and everyone is competing to do the same thing.


Starting Your First Container Garden
Enjoy fresh produce year round

With a container garden, you can enjoy the literal fruits of your labor without spending a fortune, having a large tract of land, or spending hours in the sun tending to your crops.


5 Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation
Tips to save money when planning a vacation

Here are a few tips to help you save money for your next vacation.


Must-Try Accessories for Improving Your Sleep
Seeking more restful slumber? Check out these sleep products

You can improve your sleep by turning your bedroom into a more relaxing environment — and these accessories are a great place to start.


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