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March 2019
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There's Equity In Your Castle
You can use these funds for anything!

You won’t have to dig too deep for this cash. A Jersey Shore Home Equity Loan can give you up to $250,000 for home improvements, consolidating high-rate debt or making a big purchase. These are your sand dollars — use them how ever you’d like!

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Do You Have Loans With High Rates? Look to Refinance!
You could save thousands!

You can save thousands when you refinance loans you have elsewhere, including your credit card, home, and auto with us!

  • SAVE by lowering your monthly payment
  • SAVE by lowering your interest rate
  • SAVE by reducing your number of payments

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If You're Ready For A Mortgage We Are Ready To Help
Competitive, Convenient, Flexible Financing Options

When you're ready to buy a home, we're committed to providing you competitive, convenient and flexible financing options through our partnership with OwnersChoice Funding.

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News & Events
The Scholarship Application Window Is Closing Soon
Apply on or before March 29th

We have a long standing history of supporting our community. One of the ways we do this is through educational scholarships. High School Seniors and members aged 18-25 who are continuing their education can apply!

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$600 Donation To Egg Harbor VFW
Jean Friday donation!

All five branches were involved in this great fundraiser for three months, and after it was all said and done, a $600 check was donated to this amazing local organization. 

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Webinar 4 The Win Contest Still Going On
You could win $1,000

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could win $1,000 while getting a little free financial guidance? It’s possible with the new “Webinar for the Win” contest! Presented by our partner in financial education, BALANCE, “Webinar for the Win” will reward one lucky attendee of their online webinars with the grand prize. 

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56th Annual Meeting and Luncheon
Come join us!

This is a complimentary event! Vote for the Board Of Directors, enjoy free refreshments, and have a chance to win prizes! Join us at our Northfield Branch on March 23rd from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

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Our Northfield Office Will Close Early On March 23rd

Both the Northfield lobby and drive-thru will close at 12:00 PM for our 56th Annual Meeting. Other area offices are OPEN normal hours. Remember our online and mobile banking are always open! Plus, you can make surcharge-free withdrawals using your Jersey Shore Debit/ATM card at more than 85,000 ATMs. Find an ATM now. 
Easy Ways to Break the Ice around New People
A quick guide to avoiding awkward silence when meeting new people

It’s hard to introduce yourself to strangers if you’re not a social butterfly. Luckily there are lots of tips to break the ice around new people and help alleviate social pressure.

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Financial Skills for Young Adults
Financial skills young adults need to acquire

The real world is expensive, and if young adults lack financial aptitude, they will struggle not only fiscally, but emotionally as well.

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Benefits of Consolidating Debt
Consolidating is a strong strategy for minimizing manageable debt

If you feel overwhelmed by loans, you may be looking for a way to simultaneously simplify and reduce your expenses. Debt consolidation is one of the most common ways to achieve this, and it’s important to properly understand how it works and what it involves.

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How to Incorporate More Movement into Your Day
Add some exercise to your daily office routine with these simple techniques

According to the Mayo Clinic, excessive sitting can lead to health complications later in life. It’s in every worker’s interest to move around as much as possible throughout the day, and there are several ways you can incorporate more movement into your routine.

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