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July 2016

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Is your kitchen or bathroom in need of a makeover?

Are you looking to create a paradise in your own backyard? Is your kitchen or bathroom in need of a makeover? You can borrow up to 133% of your home’s value for qualifying home improvement projects.

Coming soon!

Kern FCU's Credit Cards will soon carry theMasterCard insignia. Get the convenience of globalacceptance while enjoying a sleek new design and the service you trust.

Energy- and Money-Saving Home Improvement Projects
Eco-friendly and financially responsible upgrades for your house

Energy costs are a huge expense for home dwellers these days, so people are always looking for various ways to be more energy-efficient within the home while also not draining their bank accounts.

Tracking and Cutting Down on Your Grocery Bill
Simple tips can help you save big

There are many bills you can’t easily control, but your food bill isn’t one of them. Here are a few ways to help track and cut costs.

Careers That Can Help You Pay Back Student Loans
Six jobs that will help you pay for your education

A college graduate from the class of 2016 will leave school with $37,173 in education-related debt, Student Loan Expert Mark Kantrowitz estimated in a May 2016 report for CBS News.

How the Type of Car Impacts Auto Insurance Premiums
What you drive affects how much you pay for insurance

When you’re buying a vehicle, there are many aspects to consider — comfort, fuel economy, technological features. — but one consideration that is often overlooked is potential auto insurance rates. And this oversight could be a very costly one, depending on the vehicle.

Which Brands Lease the Most?
A unique look at leasing

Everyone has an opinion on whether you should buy or lease your next vehicle. Leasing a vehicle gives you a new ride every 24–48 months, with controllable payments, but only financing allows you to truly own your vehicle after all is said and done.

Natural Remedies to Relieve Sunburn
Soothe a sunburn with these holistic remedies

Summer is a time of fun in the sun, but sometimes this fun can have negative consequences.

Plan a Vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in Jackson Hole

Located in the valley between Wyoming’s Teton Mountain Range and Gros Ventre Range, Jackson Hole got its name from the mountain men who had to descend down steep slopes to reach it.

Get Rid of Your Dark Circles With These Surprising Natural Remedies
Ways to banish dark circles without resorting to chemicals

For many Americans, dark circles are an unfortunate way of life. Many suffer from them because of genetics and find that very little has any effect on those huge bags under their eyes.

5 Books to Enjoy on Your Beach Vacation
Dive into these books this summer while you’re having fun in the sun

Beach vacations are a time to relax and enjoy life, while taking in the sun and the sea. It’s because of the beach’s relaxing atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to enjoy a good book this summer.

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