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January 2017

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The 2017 Resolution Loan
Bundle holiday bills, take a vacation or get ready for spring with the 2017 Resolution Loan from Kern Federal Credit Union! Click to learn more!
The New Platinum MasterCard

With the new Platinum MasterCard from Kern Federal Credit Union you get to choose your reward. Apply today and enjoy points to cash or a great low rate
What to Look for in Checking and Savings Accounts
Make the most of your money when it's held in checking and savings accounts

With the addition of online banks to brick-and-mortar institutions, there are a lot of options when it comes to opening checking and savings accounts. There are common factors you should look for in an account, no matter where you choose to bank.

Is It Still Important to Know How to Balance a Checkbook?
Even in the digital age, knowing how to balance your checkbook is still relevant

People used to learn to balance a checkbook with a registrar log of all their daily transactions to better keep track of their money. The digital age, and the immediate access we now have to our bank accounts online, has made this skill less necessary. Yet it's still important for several reasons.

How Do Loan Terms Impact Your Interest Rate?
Find the best deal by considering how the length of a loan impacts interest

Taking out a loan for a car or a home is a big process that involves many important choices. Although you can't simply choose whatever interest you prefer-after all, everyone would just choose 0 percent-you can still choose the term, or length, of your loan, which can have a big impact on the interest rate.

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe
How to cut your wardrobe down to a few essential items

If your closet is brimming with clothes that you no longer wear or might be saving for another season, consider trimming down and taking the capsule wardrobe approach.

7 Best "Best Picture" Winners from Oscars Past
These 7 Oscar-winning films are some of the best

To get you ready for the upcoming 89th Academy Awards ceremony, we've put together this list of some of the greatest Best Picture Oscar winners to ever exist.

Simple Ways to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day
How to ensure that you are meeting your fitness goals on a daily basis

Walking 10,000 steps every day might actually be simpler than it seems. It may merely take a steady and consistent approach, requisite motivation and a few simple tricks.

Visit Mackinac Island, Michigan
Bike away your worries on the scenic Mackinac Island

The temperatures may be low right now, but one way to warm yourself up this winter is by planning the trips you will take once spring and summer arrive. One resort area worth exploring is Mackinac Island, a small tourist attraction located on Michigan's Lake Huron.

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