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Join Us for Member Appreciation Day
with special guest Autoland
Member Appreciation Day!

We know you have choices when it comes to your financial institution and we thank you for continuing to choose La Loma Federal Credit Union. To show our appreciation, we’ll be giving away refreshments, sweet goodies and raffling off a “Mystery Prize????*. We hope you’ll join in the excitement of our membership appreciation day. Thank you for being a member and placing your confidence with La Loma Federal Credit Union. Click "Read More" for more details!

Don't miss out on your chance to SAVE!
Low Rate, Low Payment, No HassleRefinance or Purchase your vehicle with La Loma Federal Credit Union during the month of February and be entered into a drawing to receive a $50 Visa® Gift Card.

If you currently have a vehicle loan at another financial institution or are in the market to purchase a new/used vehicle, call your credit union and we will help you get a low interest rate and monthly payment.
  • Refinance or Purchase a vehicle $10,000 or more and be entered into a drawing to win a Visa® Gift Card.
Start Making Lower Payments Today!!!

Apply online or call 909-796-0206 and speak to one of our friendly credit union team-members.

Important Changes to Your Visa Credit Card Account Terms

The following is a summary of changes that are being made to your Visa Credit Card account terms. These changes will take effect on April 2, 2019. For more detailed information, please contact the credit union at (909) 796-0206. Click "Read More" to learn more.

Important Message Regarding Check-By-Phone Loan Payments

La Loma Federal Credit Union will be discontinuing loan payment services made via Check-By-Phone on February 28th, 2019 at the closing of the business day. La Loma FCU will still offer a variety of ways to make a loan payment listed below. For additional information please contact the credit union at (909) 796-0206 or 1-(888) 252-5662.

Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime
Avoid these foods for a good night’s sleep

A sleepless night leads directly to a sluggish morning and a lackluster day often marked by crabbiness, crankiness and irritability. What you might not know is that one of the leading contributors to a poor night’s sleep is what you eat or drink before bed. To ensure a positive and productive day by way of a full night of fulfilling rest, make sure that your pre-bedtime meals exclude these foods.

What to do if your credit union loan is delinquent?

Sometimes life happens and unexpected emergencies come up. Whether it be a family emergency, car repairs, illness, loss of job or a reduction in hours; chances are it could affect your finances. Events like this whether temporary or long term can cause us to fall behind with our creditors. What do you do?

Need Fast Cash? Get an Auto Title Loan with La Loma FCU today!
Auto Title Loan
Skip the overnight payday lenders and come to your credit union. We can help you get the cash you need at a low interest rate because we want to help. Your credit union offers a flexible term and payment to suit your needs. Minimum loan amount starts at $1,000.00 and goes up to $15,000.00 based on the value of your car.

Tips for Deep Cleaning and Organizing Your Fridge
Keep your fridge clean and tidy with these tips

Your refrigerator is an essential and hard-working appliance in your home. If it’s a gross mess, it’s degrading the quality of your food and putting you and your family at risk.

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