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June 2018
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Our Rates Are On The Move!

Great News for Lion's Share Members! Deposit rates are moving up!


VISA Purchase Alerts

Data breaches happen at retailers more often than we realize. With every breach, hackers gain access to your card information. Your information can then be sold to and used by other people.


Need LSFCU Information? Ask Alexa.

Today, we have more conveniences and seemingly less time than ever before. Lion's Share knows how busy life can be,  so we've made getting information about your credit union a little easier.


Building Your Teen’s Credit Score
Start building your teen’s credit before they even move out

When your teen finally takes the big leap and moves out of the house, they’re going to need a solid credit score for a lot of life steps: renting an apartment, getting a loan or finding a good deal on insurance. For that reason, it’s important that teens build up their credit scores before they move out.

Why Your Financial Institution Is the Best Place for an Auto Loan
Five reasons to opt for a local credit union when funding a vehicle

Although there are many ways to establish a car loan when you’re purchasing a new or used ride, some financial entities will save you more money and deliver more personalized service than others. Here are five advantages to securing a car loan with a credit union rather than a commercial bank.

How Much Should You Save To Fund Major Expenses
Here's how much to save for a new home, a child's education, a new car and your retirement.

With interest rates going up, the cost of borrowing money to pay for major life expenses is also going up. The Federal Reserve has already raised the interest rate three times this year and will most likely raise rates again before the year is out. After years of relatively unchanging rates, it's become more important for consumers to plan for major expenses.


Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps
Baby Step #6

Pay Off Your Home Early
Baby Step 6 is the big one! There's only one more debt standing in the way of your debt freedom—your mortgage. Can you imagine your life with no house payment?


LSFCU Can Get You Back To School!

Whether you're starting school, going into Junior High, High School or going away to College, your credit union can help you get there with the tools you really need!


Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime
Avoid these foods for a good night’s sleep

A sleepless night leads directly to a sluggish morning and a lackluster day often marked by crabbiness, crankiness and irritability. What you might not know is that one of the leading contributors to a poor night’s sleep is what you eat or drink before bed. To ensure a positive and productive day by way of a full night of fulfilling rest, make sure that your pre-bedtime meals exclude these foods.

Benefits of Working Out in the Morning
Reasons to consider rising and grinding when the sun comes up

If you find that you’re pressed for time when the evening workout comes calling, consider switching things up and moving your workout to the morning.

Alternatives to Fireworks for Your Independence Day Party
Fun ideas for a firework-free Fourth of July

If you want to avoid the drawbacks of setting off fireworks, you can switch to a firework-free holiday celebration this year. There are plenty of fun alternatives for both kids and adults that don’t involve fiery explosions or dangerous chemicals.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake
A sweet, indulgent bake that’s a cinch to make

Everyone loves to bite into a warm, gooey dessert after dinner, but making such a dessert can take a lot of extra time and effort, especially if you’re hosting and feeding a large group of people. There’s a simple solution that most people don’t consider, though: using a slow cooker.

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