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August 2021

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Emergency Fund Basics
Give your finances a buffer

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic downturn might have exposed how fragile your finances are. As the economy begins to recover, it’s a good time to consider building an emergency fund to help protect you in the future.
Creating a Budget Online
Online tools to make budgeting a breeze

Budgeting is notorious for being a hassle. Thanks to these mobile apps and web-based services, you won’t have to pore over your finances for hours or mess around with spreadsheets.

401(k) Plan Basics
To grow your retirement savings, take advantage of a 401(k)

Whether you’re entering the workforce or approaching the end of your career, it’s vital to set aside money for when you retire.
Tips for Choosing the Right College
Making the right choice for your goals and budget

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make — between choosing a major and applying for scholarships, you also have to choose the right educational institution for your needs.
Tips for Improving Your Body Image
Learn to love yourself

If you hate looking at yourself in the mirror or often have cruel thoughts about your body pop in your head, these are signs that you have a negative body image.

Knee-Friendly Exercises to Avoid Squats or Lunges
Don’t let knee pain stop you from exercising

Summer is a great time to make good on your New Year’s resolution to get back in shape. But, if your knees hurt, go-to exercises like squats and lunges can turn a self-improvement session into a world of pain.

Insurance Coverage for Financed Cars
Tips for insuring a financed car

If you are taking out a loan to help pay for your new or pre-owned vehicle, you will not only need to purchase insurance to satisfy your state’s requirements but also those of your lender.
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