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August 2019

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3 Scams You Need To Be Aware Of
Card Cracking, Equifax Breach & Family Emergency

If you're aware of a scam that's going on, chances are you might be able to spot it before it happens to you. Here are 3 scams that the Federal Trade Commission wants the public to be aware so that they're less likely to become a victim.


Equifax Data Breach Settlement
Affected by the Equifax Data Breach? File a Claim Now.

In September of 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 147 million people.

How to Budget for Your First Home
Tips to start your first mortgage on the right foot

Entering into home-ownership when you’re ready is more important than doing so right away. Make sure you have a clear, accurate idea of your budget before you buy your first house.
Dining Out on a Budget
Easy ways to lower your restaurant bill

Being smart with your money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the luxury of eating out.
Should Women Plan Differently for Retirement?
Women face unique burdens that men do not

Hopefully you’re already saving and preparing for the day you don’t have to work anymore. When you’ve been charting your progress, do you take your gender into account?
Learn More About These Three Online Budgeting Tools
You don’t have to go it alone when maintaining your finances

Budgeting and personal finance require constant vigilance, which makes apps and other online tools perfect for keeping you on track.
When is the Right Time to Buy a Car?
Timing can make a big difference when looking for a deal

Sometimes events like accidents and breakdowns make it so you can’t choose when you need to buy a car, but if you can pick when you hit the dealership lot, you can potentially save yourself a lot of money.
Easy No-Bake Desserts
Quick and easy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

Homemade desserts are delicious, but baking them can be time-consuming, and using the oven can make your house unbearably hot in the summer months.
Outdoor Games to Keep Guests Entertained
Fun and challenging activities that your whole party can get behind

Summer is the ideal time to host outdoor cookouts and family gatherings. If you have a big enough yard, these fun games will amuse your friends and loved ones.
How to Get More Fiber into Your Diet
Fill up on fiber with these five tips

We’ve all heard that fiber is an important part of a balanced diet, and science agrees.
Try These 5 Productivity Apps to Organize Your Life
These apps help keep your life in order

Rather than relying on pen and paper lists and notes, take advantage of some of the productivity apps available for download to your phone or tablet.
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