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November 2018

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Your November Financial To Do List
5 timely ways to organize your life

The holiday season kicks into gear this month, when many people are focused on shopping, traveling, and getting together with friends and family.


20 Ways To Boost Your Holiday Budget

If you want to boost your holiday budget, there’s nothing like a side job—and the extra money for Christmas it brings in—to turbocharge your savings.


14 Money Moves You'll Be Thankful For

While you're counting your blessings this month, give thanks for taking these strategic financial steps.


Shipping Free-For-All At Amazon, Walmart And Target: Read The Fine Print

Recently Amazon announced they were expanding free shipping to everyone for the holiday season. The move was widely hailed as a reason to shop at Amazon instead of Target and Walmart.


How To Teach Your Kids To Be Frugal With Gifted Money
Use financial gifts to teach valuable money lessons.

Raising your children to be financially responsible is a common challenge for many parents. And it's an especially arduous task when it comes to handling gifted money received for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions.


Be Vigilant

We're all aware of the extra precautions we should take during the holidays. Things like having our packages delivered to an occupied house and not leaving packages in plain sight in our vehicles. We'd like to remind you of a couple of other areas to focus your attention as well.


VISA Purchase Alerts

Purchase Alerts powered by VISA help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere.


What to Do Instead of Shopping on Black Friday
Charitable alternatives to post-holiday consumerism

It’s quite common to spend the day after Thanksgiving taking part in a shopping frenzy. If you’re tired of getting up early to fight the crowds and would rather avoid the stress of bargain hunting, try any of the following activities.

How To Use Google Privacy Settings
Directions for turning off Chrome's auto sign-in feature, plus the details on lots of other key controls

Google has joined other technology companies on the privacy hot seat this fall, with sometimes disturbing revelations about how it handles user data. In response, the company has rolled out a number of changes to its privacy settings.


DIY Holiday Candle Centerpiece

If you're looking for a cute, quick, holiday centerpiece -- this is the craft for you!


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