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     May 2017
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DocuSign Phishing Emails
DocuSign update on recent incident

Lion's Share was recently notified of an ongoing investigation into a phishing incident involving a list of e-mail addresses that were used in DocuSign, the secure, electronic signature system used by Lion's Share.


What's The Real Cost of Your Checking Account?
Learn what's new with our LSFCU checking account.

Where is your checking account? Is your checking account working for you or are you working to pay for it?


Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

Saving water means saving money around your home. However, you might not be quite ready to put a brick in your toilet tank or reduce your shower flow to a trickle.


Summer Spending Tips

Everybody loves summer, right? Schoolís out. Students are graduating. Friends are getting married. And everybodyís thinking vacay! 


Money Rules
The Simple Path to Lifelong Security
by Jean Chatzky

Rule # 86 - Shred

Rule # 87 - Your Heart Will Stop or The Tumor Will Grow.


Safe Practices for Mobile Banking
How to bank safely on your smartphone

Technology has made the everyday hassles of life easier, whether it be ordering groceries online and having them delivered to your doorstep or navigating to a destination you have never visited before.

The Benefits of Going to a Community College
Why you should consider starting small

Though they tend to have a subpar reputation, community colleges give prospective students a lot of options and offer a ton of advantages. When deciding on higher education, consider what benefits a community college can give you.

Vehicle Details: Best Cars for Summer
Get ready to hit the road in style

With the warmer months finally here, itís time to start planning that summer vacation youíve been dreaming of. Here are a few vehicles that are ideal travel companions whether youíre heading out alone or with the family.

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