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December 2021

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Saving for a Down Payment
Tips for saving for a down payment on a major purchase

Saving for a down payment for a house, car, or other major purchase can feel overwhelming. The following tips will help you answer your questions so you can start saving now.
Keeping Your Payment Information Locked Down Online
Making sure your online shopping experience is as safe and smooth as possible

Shopping online is safer than ever, but thieves and hackers can easily surpass layers of protection if you aren’t smart with your information. Be on top of your financial info and take proactive steps to keep your money and identity safe.
Filing You Taxes?

Whether you file your taxes using an online service or you use a tax preparer, most filings are electronic.


Phone Scams

Your financial institution will never call you asking for your confidential information.

4 Tips for Decluttering Your Closet
Ways to conquer the clutter in your closet

The following decluttering tips will help you conquer the mess so your closet is organized and functional.

The Best Healthy Habits for Your Heart
Take care of your heart

Looking for ways to reduce your risk of heart attack or heart disease? Be sure to incorporate these habits into your daily routine to live a healthier life.
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