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October 2018
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Consumer Warning

Picture of a guy hacking a computer

Consumer Warning About The Internet of Things

That wonderful Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to communicate and do so many awesome things is now the subject of a recent FBI warning.  For everyday users, the IoT connects billions of devices worldwide, allowing us to do things we never dreamed were possible.  We can now turn on our lights or heat our home without being there, monitor dinner progress in our slow cooker from our office, use medical devices and monitor them online, and of course, view pretty much anything from the Internet on our Smart TVs.  However, we've come to know for all the good the IoT offers, there are also hackers conniving to exploit and abuse the IoT for personal gain.  Whether it's a lone-wolf hacker or an organized hacking group, the IoT is a vulnerable target.

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Holiday Closure

Mocse Credit Union will be closed on November 12, 2018 in observance of the Veterans Day Holiday.
Taking Out a Loan When Your Savings Fall Short
Should a personal loan cover your financial needs in an emergency?

Ideally, you would never need more money than your savings allow. However, a sudden problem such as a medical emergency or high credit card debt could place a demand on your finances beyond what your savings can handle. At this point, taking out a personal loan to cover the costs could be your best choice.
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The Impact of Depreciation on Your Car Loan
Avoid the dangerous impact of depreciation on your car loan

There’s a common saying that a new vehicle loses value the second it leaves the dealership lot. It’s not terribly far from the truth: According to Edmunds, the average $30,000 sedan depreciates nearly $6,000 in its first year of ownership and loses more than half of its original value by the fourth year.
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The Cost of Moving vs. Home Improvement
Weighing your options between upgrading and moving out altogether

Is packing up and moving the most cost-effective way to put down roots? Or would you be better off trying to make your home improvement project a reality?
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Where to Buy Your Used Vehicle
Options for buying a new-to-you car

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle offers cost-effective benefits such as a lower purchase price, less depreciation, minimized monthly payments and reduced insurance premiums. What will provide more peace of mind is getting your used vehicle from the right place or person.
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How to Maintain Exercise Habits When the Weather Changes
Keep your exercise routine rolling into winter with these tips

As autumn creeps in, you may find your summer exercise routine in jeopardy thanks to colder, rainier weather. Exercise habits need not fall by the wayside when the weather changes — there are a number of strategies that can help you maintain healthy exercise habits despite seasonal changes.
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How to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin
Strategies for styling your pumpkin like a pro

pumpkin carving
With a little knowledge about pumpkin preservation and design, it’s easy to create a spectacularly carved gourd this Halloween.
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Plan the Ideal Tailgating Experience
Throw a championship-worthy tailgate party with these tips

Autumn is here, and there’s no better time to throw a big tailgate party. Here are some tips for putting together a pre-game celebration that everyone will still be talking about at the end of the season.
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