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May 2019
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Phishing does not happen with a Pole and Bait
And you might catch trouble if you’re not careful!

Believe it or not, there are people who will try to gain access to your accounts, take your identity or your hard earned money. One of the most frequent ways the bad guys will try to gain access to your information is through phishing emails. This method requires minimal effort on their part, and can be effective if you aren’t trained to deal with the scam accordingly.

Here are some ways you can lower your risk of being phished:

  • Don't open e-mails from senders you are not familiar with.
  • Don't ever click on a link inside of an e-mail unless you know exactly where it is going.
  • Hover over the link to see if it's a legitimate link. Attackers are able to mask a harmful link with a legitimate website. It may look like inside the email, but may actually lead you to something like When you hover your mouse cursor over the link, the bottom left corner of your browser shows exactly where that link leads.  
  • Is the domain of the sender address legitimate? Be on the lookout from emails coming from addresses with a domain such as or those don’t exist, and are an easy tell of a bad guy.
  • Be vigilant about opening email attachments, they can contain viruses which may allow the attacker to access and control your PC.

If you suspect the email you received is harmful, delete it from your mailbox and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Good luck, and safe browsing!

Alex | NW Plus CU IT Support


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