March 2021
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Certificates – Safe & Predictable

During turbulent times, members are often looking for investments they can count on to be safe and predictable. They will find PVFCU’s Certificate of Deposit (CD) right near the top of that list. If you’re an experienced saver, you are aware that savings rates are at notable lows right now. With that as a baseline, consider these CD features and benefits:

  • Safety – CDs available from a federally insured institution like PVFCU are generally insured up to $250,000, taking much of the risk out of the investment.
  • Fixed, Predictable Return – You can be certain about getting a specific yield at a specific time. You will easily be able to determine the rate at which your balance will grow, making financial planning easy.
  • Better Returns Than Share Accounts – Since the CD holder is not allowed to withdraw money freely like regular share account holders, a CD is often more valuable to a financial institution. For this reason, the interest rate offered to a CD holder is higher than a traditional share account.
  • Flexible Terms – The terms and amounts that can be deposited into a CD are flexible. If you are not willing to tie up your funds for a long time, you can easily opt for a shorter term. At the end of the CD term, you can renew the CD at the current rate, or start a new one.
PVFCU would like all our members to weigh these notable benefits and consider opening a CD of their own. To encourage you to get started, we offer certificates for amounts beginning as low as $2,500. We also have terms as short as six months, or incrementally up to forty-eight months. If you are concerned about liquidity and tying up your money for too long a time, you might consider creating a “CD ladder”. A CD ladder consists of two or more CDs with different maturity dates and terms. With a laddering strategy, you have more options to access your CD savings at different time intervals avoiding a penalty for early withdrawal.

Take your saving plans to the next level. Check out today's CD rates. Then, open your own certificate account today!


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