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Annual Meeting Celebration
Your Invitation
Please join us Wednesday, May 17th for our Annual Meeting celebration at our Pasadena Headquarters. Festivities begin at 3:30pm that day. Come celebrate with credit union employees, members, board of directors, and our valued business partners.
  • Delicious food and refreshments
  • Door prizes and giveaways
At the Annual Meeting, we’ll also be sharing exciting information about the future of your credit union! Please RSVP by clicking here or calling 626-351-9651.


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Exercises You Can Do As a Family
Round up the family for these fun workouts

When it comes to balancing family life and work while trying to throw in daily exercise, things can often get incredibly hectic. To combine family time and a workout, try some of these exercises you can all do together.

Learn a special dance

Since the introduction and popularity of the “Cupid Shuffle” in 2007, many musical artists have been creating catchy tunes with fun dance routines. Search the web for the latest dance craze (be sure to check for kid appropriate lyrics) and take the time to learn the dance together. This is a fun way to include aerobic exercise in your daily routine. Most of today’s popular hits have tutorial videos that break down each step throughout the songs. Once you all have the moves down, play the song at regular speed and jam out. To mix things up even more, try including a freestyle section during the song where you each get a turn to create your own dance moves.

Take an after dinner walk

According to Psychology Today, research has found that taking a walk directly after eating a meal can do wonders for your health. The leisurely activity can speed up digestion, burn calories and can help lower blood sugar. Not to mention, if the kids are a little hyped up from the school day, the walk will burn off some of that extra energy and help them get to sleep a little quicker. You can also take the time to have family discussions and see how everyone is doing. In today’s busy world of technology, it can be easy to forget to simply communicate with one another.

Play hide and seek with workouts

To make exercising a little more fun for the kids, write down about 10 different exercises on pieces of paper, put them in a small container (like a plastic egg) and hide them throughout the house. When an exercise is found, every member of the family has to do a few reps of that exercise. The goal of the game can be to find all of the hidden workouts or to get as many in as possible in a certain timeframe. Add some extra fun and competition by allowing the finder of the exercise to sit out one rep during the family workout.

Turn TV time into exercise

If your family loves to watch a certain television show, you can turn that opportunity into a workout. During the commercial breaks, assign different simple exercises (like sit-ups, squats, push-ups or planks) to each member of the family. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), children should get at least one hour of physical activity in during the day. Taking gym class and recess into consideration, the kids can easily finish up that hour during the commercial breaks of their favorite television shows. To make things more amusing, try naming the exercises after certain characters or themes of the shows.

Participate in a walk or run for charity

Thanks to social media, it’s very easy to know when a charitable organization is holding a fundraiser via a 5K walk or run. Get the whole family involved in an event that is special to them and set up personal time goals for each member or one goal for the entire family—your goal could be as simple as just finishing the event. Doing something for others in the form of exercise is a great way to give back.

Any of these activities will make working out enjoyable and fun. It’s important to stay active and doing so as a family can make exercise something that everyone looks forward to.

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