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6 Reasons to Unplug This Summer
Unplug this summer to connect with friends, family and yourself

Do you know what’s great about the modern world? The ability to be connected 24/7. Do you know what’s awful about the modern world? The ability to be connected 24/7. Although the connectedness that modern technology offers is incredible, it is also a source of stress and disconnect. By staring at a screen, we might be connected to the world, but we are disconnected from the present moment and the people that live outside our smartphones.

The summer poses the perfect opportunity to unplug from technology, and the following six reasons explain why it’s good for you.

You’ll tame the green-eyed monster

Although we all know that social media is mostly a highlight reel of people’s lives, scrolling through all that perfection can make us feel down about what’s going on in our own lives. According to blogger Joshua Becker, “powering-down helps remove unhealthy feelings of jealousy, envy and loneliness.”

Becker explains that by unplugging, you can take time to focus on the good in your own life and be grateful for your blessings.

You’ll un-hunch your shoulders

Having access to everything every minute of the day can be a virtual pressure cooker. writer Alan Mozes cites a study by British researchers that shows people who relentlessly refer to their smartphones have higher stress levels. Why? According to Mozes, because people are able to check their phones constantly, they feel an almost compulsion to read and respond to every message or alert that pertains to their personal, not professional life.

You’ll connect with 4D humans

The community you build online is real and important, but the community that you can see and touch in the flesh might be more fulfilling to your heart and soul. Sitting down and talking with someone face-to-face creates an experience that is fantastic and unique, explains Becker.

You’ll be present

Multitasking and distractions—humans are barraged with both, but by unplugging and focusing on one thing, whether it’s an outdoor activity with the family, a bike ride along a nature trail, a walk on the beach or a visit to a new place, you’ll be able to fully absorb the experience and enjoy the wonders of nature, according to writer Kyli Singh.

You’ll hear yourself think

Even on silent, smartphones are unruly energy capsules demanding attention and focus. All that digital noise makes it difficult to find a moment of quiet and solitude, according to Becker, who writes, “True solitude and meditation will always require the intentional action of shutting off the noise and the screens.”

You’ll be rested

Smartphones can really light up the dark, which is detrimental to sleep. According to Singh, “when the light from LCD screens enters our retinas, it disrupts our brains and affects the release of melatonin—the sleep-inducing hormone.” The result of this light pollution is that entry into the world of slumber is unhealthily delayed.

By unplugging from technology, you can unlock an incredible summer and a healthier, more connected self.

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