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Family Halloween Costume Ideas
Family themed costume ideas to make Halloween sweeter

Although the candy, spooky decorations and chance to be out after dark are all outstanding features of Halloween, the best part about Beggar’s Night is definitely donning a fun, scary or outrageous costume. Dressing up as a family can increase the magic of the night, so consider the following family Halloween costume ideas for your night of trick-or-treating.

Wonderland wonder

With so many characters to choose from—all completely fantastical—Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful source for family Halloween costume ideas and inspiration. Liz Stanley, blogger, highlights a family of three in their Alice in Wonderland garb—mom is Alice, dad is the sophisticated suit-wearing white rabbit complete with large pocket watch and bunny ears and their baby girl is the Queen of Hearts in a red dress, heart tights and red crown headband.

Fun to be bad

Halloween is an excuse to be someone different and adopt a new identity for a few hours. And, as a family, sometimes being “bad” can be a lot of fun. Jennifer V., creator of, showcases a family-themed costume idea that embraces the dark side—the villains of Disney. On her blog a family of four is dressed up as Jafar (dad), Cruella DeVille (mom), Maleficent (daughter) and Syndrome (son). Of course, with so many Disney villains to choose from, there’s no end to your family’s chance to be the bad guys on Halloween.

Out of this world

The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative on Halloween. Sara, creator of, takes Halloween creativity out of this world by transforming an Earth family of four into a Space Family. The family is decked out in silver spray-painted space suits, helmets, silver space boots and the little ones have their space blasters on hand. They are definitely ready for a space-tastic Halloween.

Yellow brick road

Take your family down the yellow brick road this Halloween with “Wizard of Oz”-inspired costumes. Ashley, creator of, showcases four kids dressed up as Glinda the Good Witch, Tin Man, Dorothy and a Lollipop Munchkin. Although there’s “no place like home,” a Wizard of Oz Halloween night is sure to be a delight.

Adventurers in stripes

Sometimes it’s easier to have everyone in the family dress up in the same costume. Featured on Stanley’s blog, “Where’s Waldo?” provides the perfectly adorable theme for family costumes. Red hats with pom poms, red and white striped shirts and a red and white striped romper for baby create a standout, and easy-to-do costume for the whole family. Don’t forget the black-rimmed glasses for the final touch.

Caring bears

Colorful and sweet, the Care Bears will bring a lot of love to your Halloween celebration. Featured on by creator Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola, turning your family into Care Bears is a simple, no-sew project. According to Coppola, you will need a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants that you can dye with fabric dye to your desired Care Bear character and felt and fabric glue so you can craft your favorite Care Bear’s tummy symbol; don’t forget to add the bear ears on your hoodie and the Care Bear heart next to your bear tail.

With these costume ideas, your family will be ready for trick-or-treating and a night of Halloween glee.

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