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Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union | 877.297.4707January 2018
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Mustang Branch Now Open!
Where Mustangs Bank!
Yvonne Boutte
Director of Sales and Service
That's right, we have a student run credit union branch inside of John Muir High School at 1905 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103. That's the school that Jackie Robinson and so many other distinguished alums have come out of.

We're providing students an opportunity to get real-world work experience to supplement the financial education that PSFCU provides to the students and faculty of the school. Ask about the open branch days and times!

Mustang Branch

We want to congratulate our loyal team members Rhonda N. and Rosa O. for their 11 outstanding years of service!
Data Breaches Affect Lives
Diana Herrera
Diana Herrera
Lending Director
Data breaches have affected our lives on multiple levels. For example, there have been credit card breaches from major retail stores like Target and Home Depot; to most recently the Equifax cybersecurity breach which compromised the personal information to over 143 million American consumers. A stolen identity may be used to hijack existing bank accounts, obtain new credit or other services, conceal a criminal past, file fraudulent taxes, and even vote.

Will 2018 be the right time to buy a house?
Saturday, Jan. 27th, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM at Pasadena Headquarters
Fernando Gauna
Fernando Bauna
American Family Funding
What’s the state of real estate market? Is it really a sellers market? Come learn about how property values, tightening inventory levels, rising rents, and possibly higher mortgage interest rates are going to affect you.

Special guest speakers: Fernando Gauna, American Family Funding
Click Here to RSVP!

Lunch & Learn Seminar Invitation: Perception vs Reality Investing in 2018
Wednesday, Feb. 21st, Noon - 1:30 PM
Tom Buckley
Tom Buckley
LPL Financial Consultant
Worried about having enough for retirement?  Have you missed out on the bull market?  Come learn what you need to know to help secure yourself and your family.  Have your questions ready!  Lunch will be provided!
Click Here to RSVP!

Board of Directors Elections
Applications are now being accepted for Board Members for the 2018-2021 term. The deadline is Monday, February 5. To be considered by the nominating Committee, you must meet the following requirements.

Paying it Forward: How to Give Back in 2018
Ways to spread kindness and pay it forward in 2018

If giving back or paying it forward one of your goals for 2018, but you’re a little unsure on how to actually accomplish this philanthropic plan, don’t worry. With the following suggestions, you’ll be inspired by a variety of small, big and in-between ways to pay it forward, making your 2018 goal of giving back easy to do.

Join us for a free educational workshop!
Saturday, Jan. 20th, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM at Pasadena Headquarters
Natalie Spiwak
Natalie Spiwak
Affinity Trusts
In California, if you die owning more than $50,000 in real estate and $150,000 in personal property, whether you have a Will or not, your estate could be subject to the costs, delays and publicity of probate.

At this seminar you will learn how to avoid probate, appoint guardians for minor children and empower the right person to make financial and medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated.

Parking is provided, RSVP by Clicking Here or calling 626-351-9651 today!

Warning! Flood damaged cars coming to California and you probably won’t know it!
Greg Kimura
Greg Kimura
Senior Consultant, Direct Auto Sales & Lease
We’ve all seen the devastation from hurricane Harvey that pounded the Houston and Florida areas. Streets turned into rivers, homes flooded, neighborhoods destroyed beyond recognition and lives lost. A terrible tragedy! What hasn’t been talked about is the damage to over 1 million vehicles. So, what happens to these cars? Here’s the process and it’s pretty scary.

Saving for the New Year
Turn over a fresh financial leaf

A new year provides a great opportunity to press the reset button on your financial goals. Whether you are continuing your current resolutions or initiating new ones, here are some strategies to help boost savings and curb expenses in 2018.

Should You Refinance Your Home?
Making the right decision about your mortgage

If you are a homeowner, chances are you’ve received emails or physical mail advising you to refinance your mortgage, but many Americans don’t understand exactly what this process entails. Before taking the leap, learn more about what it means to refinance your loan and whether or not it’s right for you.

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