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Behind Car and Driver�s �10Best� List
Why a Car and Driver designation means so much

There are plenty of professional organizations that give today�s vehicles recognition. Whether they�re ranking the coolest, the greenest or most fuel efficient, or simply the most affordable, you can find a list for whatever it is you�re looking for. But there is one list that very well may rise above them all, and that�s the Car and Driver �10Best� list that honors the 10 best vehicles you can buy.

There are around 150 new car models on the road today, so when you narrow the list down to 10, any of these models is sure to be a great choice.

Car and Driver created a list that cuts through the clutter and shows off the best the automotive industry has to offer. All of these vehicles have to cost less than $80,000 (you have to be relatively fair), they provide bang for their buck (a lot of car for the money), they stand out in their respective segments and they are what Car and Driver calls �graceful in motion.�

There are three categories of vehicles for you to choose from: affordable family vehicles, sports cars and luxury sedans.

If you�re looking for an affordable family vehicle, Car and Driver named the Honda Accord, Volkswagen Golf/GTI, as well as the MAZDA3 and MAZDA6 four of them to its 2015 �10Best� list. Each of these vehicles offers practical and reliable transportation without breaking the bank. The MAZDA3 is the most affordable, with an MSRP starting around $18,000, while the Accord has been named to the �10Best� list an astounding 29 times.

If you�re looking for the best in performance, there is a handful of options ranging from the affordable Ford Mustang GT (at just over $30,000) that cranks out 435 hp, to the small yet powerful BMW M235i Coupe with up to 320 hp and an impressive power to weight ratio. If you have a bit more to spend, you�d want to consider the Porsche Cayman/Boxster, well known for its phenomenal drivability, or the iconic Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

There are also two luxury sedans on the �10Best� list, each with its own impressive resume. The 2015 Cadillac CTS is also a big threat to the luxury imports from Japan and Europe.

The other luxury sedan, and final vehicle on the �10Best� list, is the Tesla Model S 60, arguably the most groundbreaking vehicle on the road today. This electric vehicle is so much more than economical transportation; it competes with some of the best vehicles available on the road today, and does so without the use of a gasoline engine.

Car and Driver summed it up perfectly: �It�s attractive, comfortable, fast, practical, technically fascinating, and not overpriced. Most important, it�s not just a good electric vehicle, it�s a good car."

Regardless of which vehicle you choose, stop by today to let us help with whatever finance options you need.


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