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2015 PSCU
Board of Directors
Frederick W. Morgan

Carol Palazzolo
Vice Chairperson

Dean J. Trudeau

Edward A. Carey, Jr.

George Sciotti
Bernard Hanus
Nora Sharpley
Credit Committee
Veronica Massey
Huey Ferguson
Juanita Henry
Michael McMicken
Your Security is our #1 Priority!

EMV Chip Debit Cards

The security of your account information is of primary importance to us, and to build more protection around your everyday banking, we�re happy to announce the upcoming conversion of our MasterCard Debit Cards to the EMV �chip� technology.

We will soon be replacing debit cards with the new EMV �chip� technology. So don�t be surprised when your new card and pin are upgraded.

Your Financial Future

Our roads to success may have twists and turns and ups and downs; together we can navigate a course and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Can You Take a Loan From Your IRA?
Tapping into your IRA for a short-term loan

Putting away money for retirement is a great feeling, and most people would prefer to keep watching that money grow than tap into it early. There are many instances, however, when people do end up wanting to take a loan from their retirement savings.

5 Foods You Didn�t Know Contained So Much Sugar
Stay away from these five surprisingly sugar-laden foods

It�s no secret that the amount of sugar you consume affects your overall weight and belly size, but why exactly is that? Men�s Fitness Magazine reports that people who eat too much sugar usually take in more calories than they are able to exercise away�and it�s not just the obvious suspects such as soda and chocolate that cause people to pack on the pounds. There are many foods that people eat every day that contain more sugar than expected.

Auto Insurance Buying Mistakes to Avoid
Having insurance doesn�t mean you have to pay through the roof

Everyone knows that having the right insurance is crucial in the event of the unforeseen, but that doesn�t mean all insurance is the same. A few helpful tips can help make sure you don�t pay more than you need to.

Financial REALITY Fair

On Saturday, October 3, 2015 in Southfield at the Torch of Wisdom Center, PSCU hosted A Financial REALITY Fair allowing teens to actively discover for themselves the choices that will affect their …

Focus: HOPE Walk

This year marks the 41st Focus: Hope walk, Eleanor's Walk for Hope. As a long time supporters, PSCU hopes that you will plan to join us for this year's walk. But even if you can't be there, you can help by…

Lunch Local

CU Lunch Local was founded in 2012 by Michigan Business Connection as a way to promote all the great things CU's do. In 2014 the event spread to 13 states.  PSCU is asking our members and staff to help us support our local businesses …

Holiday Hours

All branches of PSCU will be closed in observation of the following holidays.

Columbus Day
Monday, October 12th

Veteran�s Day
Wednesday, November 11th

Thursday, November 26th

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