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2019 PSCU
Board of Directors
Frederick W. Morgan

Jeffery King
Vice Chairperson

Dean J. Trudeau

Edward A. Carey, Jr.
Charles Lowler
 Dale Reaume
Nora Sharpley
Credit Committee
Veronica Massey
Huey Ferguson
Juanita Henry
5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage- A Perfect Solution

Did you know that PSCU offers a mortgage with no Mortgage Insurance? The 5/5 ARM is a great product for anyone looking for a mortgage with a low initial interest rate and a low down payment. To speak with a representative about this great product and learn more, click here!
What is Passive Income?
Make money without having to work for it

With passive income you’ll find ways to make money while you relax, better enabling you to enjoy the golden years of your life at your leisure.

Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly with a Loan
Finance eco-friendly updates to make your home greener

Whether it’s by choosing sustainable or recycled materials in traditional renovations or opting for the following eco-friendly projects, your home can go green with a personal loan.

Tailgating Tips for Football Season
Get ready for the gridiron games with these tips

Football season is here, and to get the most out of this exciting time you need to be prepared for the ultimate tailgating experience.

How to Incorporate More Steps in Your Day
Ways to be more active in your daily life

It’s a well-worn bit of fitness advice — you should aim to take 10,000 steps every day. You can work towards a more active lifestyle by trying out these seven easy tips.

Car Care: Automotive Fluids
The six essential car fluids to know about

Even though cars are getting more reliable and more efficient than ever, no matter when, where or how you drive, your car needs routine care.

Getting a Loan for Going Green
Making your business more eco-friendly may not be as costly as you think

Today, many individuals and businesses want to reduce their environmental footprint. As a small business owner, going green can have a positive impact not just on the environment but also on your community.

Employee Spotlight

Brandy came to PCSU through the Co-op Shared Branch network a little over a year ago and has taken off like a shooting star! Within the last year, Brandy has transitioned from Assistant Manager to Branch Manager, attended financial literacy workshops, and played a huge role in the success of the Garden City Grand Opening, where her guest list consisted of many members of the Garden City community, including Mayor Randy Walker! Brandy has taken everything in stride and worked through opening a new branch with a smile on her face! We're so happy and proud to have Brandy on our team and look forward to witnessing the great things she's going to bring to Garden City! Please help me Shout out to Ms. Brandy for being such an amazing employee at PSCU and displaying a true definition of TEAM PLAYER!!

Focus Hope

The PSCU Team put their feet to the street for the Eleanor's March for HOPE on Sunday, October 13th. Celebrating its 45th year, Eleanor’s March for HOPE brought thousands of men, women, and children of every race, religion, class and status together to walk the streets of Detroit to promote the US Census count in 2020. For more information on Focus Hope and how you can help, visit

Member Awareness

PSCU is committed to keeping our members knowledgeable on any threats to their financial security. There have been recent incidents of criminals imitating credit unions in Michigan to try to collect personal account information. These attempts have been via text messages and phone calls asking members to validate recent card activity. The fraudsters are looking to obtain information such as debit card numbers, CV2 codes, expiration dates, PINs and other web login credentials.

Some things to keep in mind to avoid becoming a victim are:
  • Never click on a link in a text message from an unknown source.
  • The credit union will NEVER ask for personal information via text message or phone.
  • If you have any questions about a text message or phone call you received you can call us at (734) 641-8400.

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