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2020 PSCU
Board of Directors
Frederick W. Morgan

Jeffery King
Vice Chairperson

Dean J. Trudeau

Edward A. Carey, Jr.
Charles Lowler
 Dale Reaume
Nora Sharpley
Credit Committee
Veronica Massey
Huey Ferguson
Juanita Henry
Triple Jingle is Back!

The holiday season is here, and so is the Triple Jingle Loan! This loan can provide you with up to $1,200 to offsetting those holiday expenses. You will have 12 months to pay it back at only 12% APR!* New applications are now being accepted. Must be a member for 1+ years to apply. Click here to start your application!

The Pros and Cons of Multiple Savings Accounts
How to wisely manage your money

When you want to securely store your money, you can choose to open one or more savings accounts at a financial institution.

Refinancing A Loan
Introduction to loan refinancing

Refinancing a loan involves replacing an existing loan by paying off the debt with a new one. Ideally, the new loan has better terms or features to make the process worthwhile.

Managing Your Time When You Work Remotely
7 strategies to master the art of teleworking

Remote work has its share of benefits and challenges. Here are seven ways to boost your success when working from home.

Get Fancy at Home with These Charcuterie Board Ideas
Improve your platter arrangement skills by learning the secrets of a successful charcuterie

Creating a charcuterie arrangement may seem complicated, but it’s actually an easy way to impress your guests once you learn the basics.

Holiday Decor Ideas for Small Apartments
Spruce up your abode for the most wonderful time of the year

Nothing gets you in the mood for celebrating and enjoying the season faster than fun decorations.

Unique Gadgets to Upgrade Your Kitchen
Make cooking more enjoyable with these convenient tools

Spend less time in the kitchen and maximize the fun of whipping up new recipes.

5 Lesser-Known Holiday Movies to Watch This Year
Don’t miss out on these underrated holiday gems

Almost everyone is familiar with films like “A Christmas Story” and “Elf.” They’re shown practically nonstop from Dec. 1 to Christmas Day. But there are plenty of other movies full of heartwarming tales focused on the holiday season.

Pay Down Debt with Our Amazing Introductory Rate
1.99% APR* until 2021

Already dreaming of warmer weather? Use your home equity to make that dream vacation come true. For a limited time, Public Service Credit Union will be offering the LOW RATE of 1.99% APR* until 2021 for a Home Equity Loan! Click here to start your application today!

Swipe and Sign

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! From now until January 31st, use your PSCU debit card as credit and sign for your purchases. Every qualifying purchase is a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card!*

The Pink Fund

Thanks to the efforts of our caring members and staff, PSCU was able to present a check for $3,500 to The Pink Fund! Thank you for your support and changing peoples lives. If you would like more information on The Pink Fund or would like to donate visit

2021 Board of Directors Elections

Considering running for the PSCU Board of Directors? Elections will be held during the Annual meeting on January 26th, 2021. If you would like to run for a Board position, you can pick up a petition from Donna Follbaum at the Administration office. The petition must be returned no later than December 10th, 2020 at 4:00pm with signature of 652 bona fide Public Service Credit Union members. To run, you must be at least 18 years of age and a PSCU member in good standing. Board of Directors members running for re-election this year are Dale Reaume and Charles Lowler.

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Romulus Branch located at 7665 Merriman Rd.

We would like to encourage your attendance and participation.

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