February 2017

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Enter a Faster, Better Bill Pay Experience.

If, like most members, you use Bill Pay to handle your recurring payments, you are about to get an upgrade. By early March, you will be greeted with a new Bill Pay screen at rmlefcu.org, with great new features, including:

  • Overnight payments Ė even faster than currently made
  • Same-day payments Ė when in a crunch
  • Cleaner interface, with all your bills appearing on the Bill Pay screen
Our Bill Pay conversion, long in development, is more than just a pretty facelift. It will make for a cleaner, faster and better Bill Pay experience.
5 Financial Milestones to Hit in 2017

Financial milestones are goals we aim to achieve. Some should be stressed at certain milestones in our own life. In this vein, we picked five financial goals you may have depending on your current age.

Financial Skills Everyone Should Have
Basic money management skills every adult should have

Basic money management skills are key to a financially successful life. Conversely, if you donít learn the basics of your finances, you can end up in serious debt and struggle to make ends meet.

HELOC the Heck out of Your Home Remodel

If you are considering a home equity line of credit, or HELOC loan, to make home repairs and remodels, you are in good company. Year after year, home improvement is the #1 way homeowners use their home equity line of credit.

The Not So Hidden Dangers of Checks

In this video Ryan explains the dangers of using checks in today's world and why free online Bill Pay from RMLEFCU is the safer, easier option. With free online Bill Pay you can pay a person or a company very quickly and totally free.
Watch the History of the Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

Since 1938 the Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union has been providing quality banking services to Colorado members of law enforcement and their families.
Donate to the Family of Fallen Officer Scott Von Lanken

We lost a beloved member of our local law enforcement community this past week. We have an account set up for donations to aide the family Scott Von Lanken on our website. Please contact us to make a donation at (303) 458-6660 or follow the link below.

February Closures

Just a friendly reminder that all RMLEFCU branches will be closed Monday, February 20th for President's Day. All branches will reopen at 8:00 A.M. on Tuesday, February 21st.
Responsible Banking Begins with a Kidís Savings Account from RMLEFCU

Children pick up many lessons during their formative years and financial common sense should NOT wait until they are 18.

You can open a savings or checking account with them at RMLEFCU and make the best use of their allowance, birthday and holiday money or part-time salary money now.


Disclaimer - All content contained in this newsletter is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon to make any financial, accounting, tax, legal or other related decisions. Each person must consider his or her objectives, risk tolerances and level of comfort when making financial decisions and should consult a competent professional advisor prior to making any such decisions. Any opinions expressed through the content in this newsletter are the opinions of the particular author only.

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