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September 2012
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Protecting Sensitive Business Documents
Steps to help keep your company’s information protected

Photo: Protecting Sensitive Business Documents
Despite how many businesses are converting to paperless systems, there are still many that work with paper documents. The information on these documents is extremely sensitive, and it is imperative that companies go to extra lengths to protect it.
Organizing Your eDocuments
Make tracking your finances more efficient with an organized eDocuments filing system

Photo: Organizing Your E-Documents
With the quickly increasing shift to doing everything online, including banking and paying bills, it’s important to know how to keep all those e-statements and other electronic documents organized so you can access them as needed.
Online Accounts—Bill Pay and Money Management
Utilizing these tools can help you organize your finances

Photo: Online Accounts—Bill Pay and Money Management
California’s Department of General Services recently admitted that between 2004 and 2011, the state paid more than $34 million in fees for bills that it paid late. While your household’s late-payment fees will probably come nowhere near California’s total, avoiding these fees altogether should be your ultimate goal.
What Is Collateral and How Is It Used?
Learn the basics before applying for a loan

Photo: What Is Collateral and How Is It Used?
Smart Business recently reported that loans from financial institutions to businesses grew 10 percent in 2011, which is good news for those looking for capital to finance their business. However, loans are still below prerecession levels because of more stringent loan underwriting standards. Individuals are also facing more strict requirements. Those who successfully find financing usually do so due to sufficient collateral.
Top Five Pet-Friendly Vehicles
If bringing along your pet is a priority, these automobiles are right for you

Photo: Top Five Pet-Friendly Vehicles
According to the pet product company Kurgo and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 80 percent of pet owners have driven with their pets in the vehicle. If bringing along your furry friend is a top priority, here are two great vehicles (recommended by and that will keep your pet comfortable and safe regardless of where you go:
Natural Cleaning Products
Making the change back to simple, time-tested cleaning solutions

As consumers learn more about the unknown toxins that may be lurking in their cleaning products, more families are making their own natural cleaning products. The ingredients are simple, safe and well-tested. As a bonus, natural cleaning products are also significantly less expensive than their commercial counterparts. When it comes to natural products, five items that you probably already have on hand stand out for their cleaning properties.
Choosing the Right Computer: Laptop vs. Desktop
How to pick the right computer for your lifestyle

The computer is an essential tool in today’s society, but choosing the right device can be a challenge. There are many competing brands that offer a variety of features and functionality. One of the first choices to make is whether to purchase a laptop or a desktop. This will dictate other decisions, such as furniture, placement, accessories and style.
Movies Based on an Actual True Story
From con men to survivalists and rock stars, the best stories of the cinema are true tales

We all know of big blockbuster films based on true stories, such as Titanic or Schindler’s List. There are many other movies based on real life stories that may be less well-known but are no less compelling. The following are just a few examples.
Puerto Rico
Zip through the commonwealth, from jungles to high-end boutiques

Puerto Rico suits just about every travel style. Looking for adventure? Zip-line through the jungle. Like to shop? Hit the posh designer boutiques of Condado. Love Puerto Rican cuisine? Options abound, from cafe classics to fine dining.
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