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October 2012
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Considerations When Buying an Existing Business
Useful acquisition tips for any industry

Photo: Considerations When Buying an Existing Business
There are two main ways to achieve business growth: by increasing your sales and revenue, which is sometimes referred to as organic growth, or by acquiring another business. During challenging economic times, when organic growth may be more difficult, business acquisition is often an attractive growth strategy. Buying another business may enable you to expand your geographic footprint, acquire a competitor’s customers, or add new products and services that complement your own.

To Grow or Not to Grow—That Is the Question
Factors small businesses should consider when debating their plans

Photo: To Grow or Not to Grow—That Is the Question
When determining whether to expand, a small business should consider several factors, both internal and external. Answers to this age-old question are not easy, but hey, neither is running a small business in the first place.

Planning a Budget with Your Kids
Teaching them skills now can only help them later

Photo: Planning a Budget with Your Kids
Don’t forget to include your children when planning a family budget. When you work with them to make a comprehensive family plan that they can understand, you not only account more fully for all your expenses, but you also teach them valuable lessons that will set them on a path toward a sound financial future. What could be more priceless than that?

Online Bill Paying Services
Help keep your finances in order

Photo: Online Bill Paying Services
The Associated Press recently covered a story about former Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young, whose missed payment to a loan company on a loan of $1.877 million resulted in a penalty interest rate increase of 10 percent—a devastating jump for any loan, even more so a high-balance one.

Insurance for Small-Business Owners
Protect yourself and your company with these common types of coverage

Photo: Insurance for Small-Business Owners
According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, a small business is being operated in three of every 10 homes. Unfortunately, if these home businesses aren’t properly insured, or if the business owner is relying on his or her personal insurance to protect business interests, major obstacles could arise down the road.

Leave the tent at home and indulge in luxury at this California jewel

You don't have to rough it when vacationing at Yosemite National Park in California. In fact, luxury accommodations, fine dining and pampering treatments are easily found, as are private guides to show you the sights.

Fifty Amazing, (but Completely Useless), Facts
Or, how to save a dinner party

Photo: Fifty Amazing, (but Completely Useless), Facts
Say you’re sitting at a dinner party. Conversation has started to wane and you find yourself sweating into your shrimp cocktail because of the awkward silence. Now, imagine you have a random tidbit of useless information that you can interject, re-energizing the discussion and becoming the hero of everyone around you. This can all happen if you just read this list of 50 amazing, but completely useless, facts.

Getting a Loan If You Have a Low Credit Score
Tips to help you on the road to financial security

Photo: Getting a Loan If You Have a Low Credit Score
According to the San Francisco Chronicle (, the average U.S. household debt (excluding mortgage debt) is about $14,500. If you are among the many in debt and have a low credit score, you may think that securing a loan for a vehicle, college or emergencies is impossible. However, by following some of the tips below, you may find that you actually can secure the credit you need.

Eco-Friendly Retailers
Businesses that cater to conscientious consumers

As more consumers become concerned about the environment, many companies are stepping up to meet the demand for natural products. Consider these companies that are taking green living to a whole new level.

Women's Health: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Get educated to reduce your risk

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time to educate the public about a disease that affects one in every eight women and is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in that group, according to The Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health.

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