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May 2013
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The Concerns of a Small-Business Owner
What many small-business owners worry about and how to address the issues
Photo: The Concerns of a Small-Business Owner
Small businesses make up a significant portion of Americaís economy, and their owners face plenty of challenges as they try to make these vital businesses successful. This article addresses some of the major issues and concerns that small-business owners face today and some ways that your local financial institution can help.
Leaving Your Business
Considerations for forming an exit strategy and closing your business
Photo: Leaving Your Business
Getting out of a business is a topic that doesnít often get the attention it deserves because it is overshadowed by the more glamorous and controversial aspects of business ownership, such as expansion and health benefits.
Top Tools for Online Banking
Use these tools to improve your money management
Photo: Top Tools for Online Banking
When it comes to managing your money, thereís nothing that simplifies your finances like online banking. There are a host of helpful, convenient and time-saving features that are available when you make the switch to banking online. If youíve found yourself hesitating to join the online banking trend, consider these great features and youíll wonder why you didnít start sooner.
Finding the Perfect Checking Account
Things to consider when finding a checking account that provides the best benefits
Photo: Finding the Perfect Checking Account
With nearly every monetary transaction now requiring use of a checking account or a debit card, these have become requisites of living and thriving in the modern world. Plastic is now accepted and encouraged for payment almost everywhere, even at yard sales, where the seller can ring up purchases on a swiping-equipped smartphone. Because checking accounts are such a big part of daily life, it is important to seek out a financial institution that can provide an account suited to your needs and lifestyle.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Adventures abound in this Southwestern town

Scottsdale has much to offer as a vacation destination. Access to desert activities, championship golf courses, world-class dining, shopping, and art museums and galleries will keep your itinerary full.
Make the Most of Your Spring Walks
Turn a stroll into a strength training workout

Springtime is here and letís face it: walking is one of the most leisurely and often preferred way to enjoy the seasonís changing scenery and warmer, fresh air. Itís also a great way to squeeze in some cardiovascular activity.
Why Your Body Needs Vitamin D
Getting the right amount of vitamin D is good for your health

Vitamin D is sometimes called the "sunshine vitamin" because a dose of the sun's warm rays can help your body produce this fat soluble vitamin, which is critical to keeping your bones healthy, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).
Rockumentaries: Documentary Flicks About Your Favorite Musicians
Get In-depth with those who rock your world

We all love to know more about the music-makers who move us, from their personal lives to the motivations for their music. The best way to do this is to take in a "rockumentary" ó a documentary about a musician or band. Filled with behind-the-scenes footage, biographical details and analysis about the musician's style and importance, a good rockumentary will fill in all the gaps and teach you everything you want to know about the artists that you love.
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