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August 2013
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Careful Bookkeeping Makes a Successful Small Business
Strategies for maintaining proper records to protect and grow your business
Photo: Careful Bookkeeping Makes a Successful Small Business
Efficient bookkeeping is important for entrepreneurs of any business, but it is particularly true for small business owners, who may be working with small profit margins and on a tight budget that can be easily derailed by minor miscalculations or unexpected costs. Making sure to keep all your businessís financial details in writing and up to date will allow you to accurately gauge its financial health and help you plan for the future ó how much you can afford to spend, how much you have saved and what is in place to cover emergencies.
Size Might Matter
New guidelines are out ó are you a small business?
Photo: Size Might Matter
Every once in a while, the federal agency that oversees programs and procurement levels affecting the nationís small businesses, known as the Small Business Administration (SBA), reevaluates its standards and changes the size of what it considers a small business. Several industries received just such a makeover in recent months, and we thought a brush-up on the size standards was in order.
Five Personal Finance Books to Read Now
Learn from personal finance gurus the top philosophies and the methods that work
Photo: Five Personal Finance Books to Read Now
Picking the brains of personal finance experts is one of the best ways to improve your own financial prowess. Attending a seminar would allow you to do this in person; however, most people canít spare the time or funds needed to make this a viable option. Finding the time to watch hours of financial television and take notes to distill the best tips is also out of the question for many people. Fortunately, many of the most respected personal finance gurus have compiled their best advice into books. Here are five that go beyond rehashing common knowledge and offer a variety of strategies that can help your finances right now and for the rest of your life.
The Least Expensive Cars to Own
Five-year ownership costs are at least as important as the initial price tag
Photo: The Least Expensive Cars to Own
Everyone loves a low price tag, but judging new cars by their long-term ownership costs is at least as important. Taking into account such factors as purchase price, value depreciation, cost of insurance, maintenance and repairs, and fuel costs, the Scion iQ, Hyundai Veloster, Buick LaCrosse, Subaru XV Crosstrek and Chevrolet Volt are among the best in their categories.
Five Summer Lawn Watering Tips
Blue water brings green lawns

Though it would be nice to rely on Mother Nature to keep your yard irrigated, that is just not the case anymore. To ensure a healthy and green lawn this summer and beyond, consider these five watering tips.
Best Actor and Actress Memoirs
Memoirs provide a more in-depth look at your favorite stars

While entertainment news shows on television report the comings and goings of our favorite stars, they only give us snapshots of their lives. A memoir by a popular actor or actress rewards readers with a more in-depth look at how and why they found immense success in television, movies or both. Following are some interesting and enjoyable memoirs by some of some of entertainment's brightest stars.
Kennebunkport, Maine
Vacation in presidential style in this coastal village

If you've never been to Kennebunkport, Maine, odds are you've heard the name in relation to a famous family that has a summer home there: the Bushes. Enjoy a vacation worthy of a first family in this coastal village.
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