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The Key to Crown Molding
How to use crown molding to add value, style to your home

Crown molding can be a stylish addition to any room. It adds immediate visual interest and architectural detail to your current decor as well as ups your property value. Whether you are eager to spruce up your current spaces or are ready to get your home market-ready, install crown molding should be added to your to-do list.


Originally, crown molding, which sits perfectly at the intersection of a room’s ceiling and its walls, served more as a bandage to hide builder mistakes like gaps or wall damage. Today, crown molding is typically a decorative element in a home. Since it is placed at the literal top of a room, it forces your gaze upward, which gives the illusion that the room is slightly bigger than it is. Its placement also belies that the room is finished or complete.


A visit to your local home improvement store can reveal several ready-made crown molding options. Choose the style and material that suits your room and your home improvement budget the best. An ornate piece of decorative molding will look out of place in a modernly-styled room or an oversized piece may end up dwarfing your small bathroom instead of creating a more spacious feel. Instead opt for molding that boasts a simpler, cleaner look to complement your modern style and smaller rooms. On the other hand, if your home already boasts a lot of character, you’ll want to reflect that aesthetic in your choice of crown molding. Not only do you have a wide range of crown molding designs to choose from, you also have a few material choices. Crown molding can be made of wood, plaster or a composite material. Each material varies in cost and installation difficulty, so be sure to be thoughtful in your selection. Crown molding made of plaster is the traditional option, but it can be cumbersome and expensive to install. You can also customize the color of your chosen crown molding. You can paint it to match the color of your room’s ceiling or color it a contrasting color to make it stand out even more.


Once you’ve chosen the right style and material for your crown molding, it’s time to figure out how much you need. You’ll definitely want accurate measurements for the pieces. You can choose to cut the pieces yourself if you have the right equipment or enlist the expertise of the home improvement store associate to section it off, according to Investopedia, which notes the project can be extremely cost-effective if you are a capable DIYer.

“There’s a lot of geometry involved — along with a nail gun and a miter saw. Follow the ‘measure thrice, cut once’ rule to limit waste,” advises Kiplinger senior associate editor John Miley.


The expense and effort you put forth in adding crown molding should be rewarded by an increase in your property value, according to The Balance writer Erin Eberlin who categorizes the installation of crown molding as a moderate to high-cost update.

The key to crown molding is selecting the style and material that enhances the look of your room without busting your home improvement budget. It’s a standout detail that will resonate with your guests and potential buyers.


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