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July 2014
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Teaching Kids About Money
Having financial skills is critical to navigating life, but research suggests kids may not be getting those skills from the source they most desire it from: their parents. According to the Financial Educator's Council, while 87% of teens say parents are their main source of financial information, only 20% of parents say they are teaching their kids about money. That's a huge disconnect.
The key to teaching kids about money is to start early and have honest, thoughtful, and regular conversations about money. Children as young as two can begin to grasp financial concepts. Once you begin laying that financial literacy foundation, it becomes easy to keep the conversation going.
Making Your Life Easier--It's What We Do!

The People's Federal Credit Union was established to be your financial partner, and to make your life easier. Are you taking advantage of all that we can do? Sometimes we find that our members aren't aware of all the things we can do to help make their lives easier. So here's a quick primer:
Back to School or Off to College? We Can Help!

It may seem like the school year just ended, but Back to School time will be here before you know it. Stores begin to advertise their back to school sales and you begin to think of all the things you have to buy--and the costs just get higher as the kids get older!
If you're wondering how to pay for it all, from crayons to new clothes, to laptops, or even college tuition, we have several products just for you.
Five Common Online Banking Mistakes
What NOT to do when banking online
Photo: Five Common Online Banking Mistakes
Many will argue that banking online has been the best invention since sliced bread. And thereís no doubt about that: no more statements and papers ó everything is on your computer or mobile device, right at your fingertips.
Four Loans to Avoid
Sidestep these loans for less financial troubles
Photo: Four Loans to Avoid
When youíre in a financial bind, it may seem like taking out a loan is an easy out. However, thatís not always the case. Sometimes, you risk losing a lot more than youíve gained.
Join Us for Independence Day!

TPFCU has a full day of fun lined up for July 4th! It all begins at 9am on the square in Canyon for their annual July 4th parade. TPFCU will have a booth on the square and we are giving out fun patriotic items along with a chance to win a $250 MasterCard gift card. Then join us at the Amarillo Sox game at 7pm. TPFCU is a proud sponsor of the fireworks show after the game! We'll see you there!
Top Three New Car Values
How much you pay is as important as what you buy
Photo: Top Three New Car Values
Buying a car is always an important and tedious decision. When you do your research to find out which cars have the features you really want, itís just as important to find out which cars are really good values in their segment, too.
Easy Green Habits You Can Adopt Today
Nine quick changes to benefit the environment

Living a life that is friendly to the environment doesn't necessarily mean making sweeping changes in all areas of your life. Buying an electric car, installing solar panels on your home or living off the grid can be too costly for some and too extreme for others. A few small changes to your everyday life can reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference in the world around you.
Are Low Carb Diets Safe?
The ups and downs of low-carb weight loss

If you're looking to drop a few pounds, you may be considering a low carbohydrate diet. These diets work by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat each day, which means cutting down on bakery staples like bread, as well as pasta and sweets.
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