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Tips for Buying the Best Grill
Once you determine your needs, finding the perfect grill is easy

Few activities embody the spirit of the summer better than grilling on a warm day. It’s difficult to match the taste of steak, ribs or other barbecue staples when they’ve been prepared by a master griller. Of course, an expert chef is nothing without their weapon (or rather, grill) of choice. If you’re in the market for a new grill, here are some useful tips that will help you find the best one for your needs.

Determine the type of grill you want

One of the most important things to consider when searching for your ideal grill is the type you would like to use. There are several different was to grill and the flavor of the food you prepare can be drastically altered by the kind of grill you use. One of the most common types of grills is a gas option, which often utilizes propane for fuel. For a smokier flavor, opt for a charcoal grill. Even more traditional than charcoal is a pellet grill, which derives its fuel from burning wood pellets. On the other hand, many apartment-dwellers choose the convenience of an electric grill.

Sort through grill sizes

Size is another factor to consider when selecting a grill. A small grill is inexpensive and will suit your needs if you don’t grill very often. If you’re planning on grilling regularly and in bigger quantities, you’ll likely need a larger, high-end grill. Many of these larger grills have plenty of space where you can store your supplies like trays, brushes, skewers and various spices. Do be prepared for a bigger financial investment, though, as many of these more upscale grills can cost thousands of dollars.

Look for universal grilling features

Despite the many sizes of grills available, there are a set of universal features than any good grill should come with. If a grill you are considering lacks any of these features, it might be time to consider a newer model. Charcoal grills should all have a sturdy bottom grate for holding charcoal as well as a tight-fitting lid. Gas grills should provide a safe and roomy space where fuel can be stored along with an intuitive system of knobs and buttons to activate the grilling process. All grills, no matter which type you buy, should provide you with a way to quickly and efficiently clean them. After all, nobody wants old food residue sticking to their grill.

Find a grill that complements your reason for grilling

One final factor that will help determine what grill is best for you is understanding your reason for grilling. Depending on what motivates you, the type of grill you choose can certainly change. If you are planning to prepare food for just your family, a small, stationary grill will likely do. If multiple summer parties are in your future, it may be best to go with an aesthetically pleasing, larger grill. Some grills come with brushed aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron exteriors, so you can choose what works best with your outdoor look. If you have any road trips planned, it might be best to choose a portable grill. These can come in various sizes and varieties similar to larger grills, so you’ll simply have to find the one that matches your taste and needs.

Once you purchase the perfect grill, you can embark on your journey to become a grilling master.

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