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Back to School Lunch Ideas
Healthy school lunches that are easy to pack

As summer comes to an end and your kids get ready to stretch their minds again, you have to start planning lunch ideas to serve as fuel halfway through the day. These healthy and easy back to school lunch ideas ensure that you have one less thing to worry about as the school year begins.  

Peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls

Your kids are probably bored of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by now. Lucky for you, Derek Campanile of Dad with a Pan has reinvented this classic to get them excited about eating this simple combination again. Using flatbread as pinwheels, spread a layer of peanut butter and jelly on a square piece and roll it up. After you freeze it for about five minutes and cut it up into 1 inch pieces, you’ll have peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls. Your family will love this flavorful twist, especially if they like sushi. If they’re not a fan of peanut butter and jelly, make sushi rolls out of Nutella or their favorite cut-up vegetables.


Combine two all-time favorites into one fun combination. Campanile suggests making pizzadillas, where pizza meets quesadilla. Spread pizza sauce on top of two pieces of tortilla before sprinkling it with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni. Cook it on a stove until the cheese melts, creating a delicious and cheesy lunch that your kid will surely enjoy.

DIY lunch

You don’t have to be stuck doing all the work. With easy DIY lunches, slice up your kid’s favorite meat into squares and pack it with cheese and crackers. As Campanile points out, this lunch is a favorite among kids and parents alike because it’s easy to pack for the parents and fun to put together for the kids.

Butterfly snack bags

Encourage your kids to eat healthy snacks by serving them in fun butterfly snack packs. As a fun activity for your kids as well, makes this food craft fun and engaging. Decorate a clothespin with some glitter glue and stick wiggle eyes on them. Fill a snack-sized bag with your kid’s favorite treat, whether that is fruit, vegetable or cereal. Clip the clothespin down the middle, spreading the snack to the corners of the bag as the wings. Stick an antennae-shaped pipe cleaner through the clip for a complete butterfly that will land a healthy snack into your kid’s lunch box.  

Apple fun

Add some personality when you’re packing fruit. If you like cutting apple slices, suggests making apple and peanut butter toothy smiles. After you spread peanut butter on each slice of apple, place mini-marshmallows in a line on half of the slices and put them together for some big toothed smiles. These are perfect as a Halloween treat but delicious all-year round. For those who like to eat apples whole, turn green apples into our favorite monster, Mike Wazowski. Stick half of a jumbo marshmallow onto the front of the apple, and use food writer edible markers to create the beloved one-eyed cretin.

Give your child something to look forward to each day with an exciting lunch that will have them full afterward and craving for more knowledge. These lunch ideas packed with flavor and fun will have their classmates wishing they could take a bite out of it.  

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