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DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Creative handmade presents to bestow on your mom this holiday

Mother’s Day is on May 12 this year — just around the corner! Don’t let the holiday pass without expressing your appreciation to the mother figures in your life. Consider creating a do-it-yourself gift that is sure to put a smile on any mom’s face. 

Garden markers

Garden markers make a great gift for those with a green thumb who just can’t keep plant names straight. Amanda Wright with Wit & Whistle explains how to make this simple homemade craft. You’ll need the following items available at a local or online craft store: polymer clay rolled into 1/4-inch balls, rubber letter stamps, rolling pin, butter knife and baking dish. Roll each clay ball into a breadstick-like 5.5-inch long coil. Use the rolling pin to flatten the coil to 1/4-inch thick. Next, use the butter knife to slice off one end of each coil. Press the stamps to spell out plant and/or herb names on the coil, then bake it according to the clay package’s instructions.

Watercolor planter

Help your mother start spring off on a colorful note with a vibrant-hued flowerpot. Woman’s Day magazine provides the simple instructions for this gift. Gather the following items: terracotta pot, sponge paintbrush, wood skewer, nail polish, plastic bucket or tub, waterborne bonding primer and aerosol water seal. Prime the exterior and inner lip of the pot with the primer paint and let it dry. Then fill a bucket with lukewarm water (enough to fully submerge the pot). Pour 1/4 of the nail polish bottle on the water’s surface, swirl it with the wood skewer, then dip the pot into the water at an angle. Rotate it, so the polish coats the surface. Remove the pot and place it upside down on a safe surface to dry. After the paint dries, coat the pot with aerosol water seal.

Honey hand balm

Whether your mom prefers the outdoors, indoors or a bit of both, she’s sure to appreciate the hydration of a homemade hand salve. Hello Glow contributor Stephanie Pollard relays how to make an 8-ounce portion of this nourishing balm. You’ll need the following ingredients and items:

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup almond oil
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 5 tablespoons beeswax pastilles
  • 1 tablespoon shea butter
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons raw honey
  • Essential oils (of your choice)
  • 8-ounce glass jar (or several small tins with lids)

In a microwave-safe bowl, combine all ingredients except the honey and essential oils. Microwave on high in 30-second increments for 2 minutes, stirring between each time in the microwave, until the mixture is completely liquefied. Next, whisk in 10-20 drops of essential oils and the raw honey. Immediately pour the mixture into the glass jar to cool.

Photo coasters

These easy-made coasters are the perfect way to help your mom preserve special memories, as well as preserving the surface of a favorite table. Gather the following products before starting on this craft, featured on Heidi Miller’s The Frugal Girls blog: photos, Mod Podge (glossy or matte), foam brushes, clear acrylic high-gloss coating spray and plain white ceramic tiles. Miller recommends spreading the project out over a few days, since each coat of Mod Podge and sealer will need sufficient time to dry. Trim the photos to fit the surface of the tiles. Adhere the backs of the photos to the tiles with Mod Podge using a foam brush. Once dry, apply another coat to the front of the photo. Repeat with two more layers of Mod Podge. Spray the tiles with acrylic sealer.

Try your hand at one or more of these nifty crafts to surprise your mom and any other female mentors this Mother’s Day. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your gift-giving.

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