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Romance on a Budget
Show your love and save some money in the process

When love is in great abundance but money is in short supply, you may find yourself wanting to get creative for your next date night. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or no occasion in particular, having a romantic evening with the person you love most can be easily done without breaking your budget.

Stay in and prepare a restaurant-quality meal

Eating out at a nice restaurant is a popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day — but it can get expensive fast. On top of the price of the actual meal, you’ll have to factor in things like transportation, parking, and add-ons like wine and cocktails.

Rather than drop a day’s worth of income on a fancy dinner, why not plan out a homemade meal for a fraction of the cost? Consider your partner’s favorite dishes of choice, look up a few recipes from the experts, and put together a shopping list. You’ll find that you’re spending significantly less money, and you’re putting forth a meal made with love.

If cooking is a shared passion, Money Crashers’ Sarah Graves recommends using that as the foundation for a memorable date night. While preparing a meal for your partner is plenty romantic, creating a meal as a team is quality time that makes your date unforgettable. Graves suggests putting a twist on your time in the kitchen by having a cook-off where you each prepare the same meal, doing a blind taste test, or taking part in an online cooking class together.

Spend time, not money

It’s easy to associate romance with spending money, because romance is about doing things out of the ordinary. But doing something special can mean something simple if you and your partner are both busy and have a hard time making time.

You can easily build a romantic day with your partner that won’t see so much as a dime leaving your account. Bustle contributor Raven Ishak recommends cost-free activities like going to the library or a local museum, having a picnic in the park, or just having a conversation where you catch up with one another.

Ishak also recommends trying your hand at writing a poem that expresses your feelings for that special person or giving them a massage to help relieve tension. Graves builds on the idea of a massage by suggesting putting together a full spa night — complete with fresh, warm towels, relaxing music, rose petals, and a bubble bath.

Another great way to be romantic with your partner is to indulge in your favorite hobbies. If you like to play board games or video games, Graves suggests that setting aside the time one evening to cooperate or challenge each other can hit the spot and even lead to a new weekly ritual.

Keep it simple

A romantic evening isn’t about how much money you spend — it’s about what you do together. Reader’s Digest contributor Cates Holmes writes that you can save money and enjoy a memorable night out by opting for cost-effective alternatives to high-cost dates.

Rather than go to a high-end restaurant, Holmes posits that you could eat at the new food truck that opened up in your city. Instead of getting more expensive tickets for a touring Broadway show, check out the show put on by your local theater company.

Don’t be afraid to take great deals and turn them into gold, either. Holmes notes that dining out when there’s a good special on doesn’t cheapen the magic of spending time together with your partner. And if you’re not already using a service like Honey or Groupon, you could save even more on your next night out

If you have a passion for saving, you can do your next date night and save bundles of money. And by putting that money away, you and your partner can save up for a well-deserved splurge like a cozy vacation for two or a new happy home for your growing family. 

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