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Should You Try Glamping on Your Next Vacation?
Should your next vacay be a glamping adventure?

Glamping is the pairing of glamour and camping, which seem to be two diametrically opposed notions. The first is about luxury, glitz, and the utmost relaxation, while the latter concerns itself with few creature comforts — although with a definite appreciation of the great outdoors. Mixing the two results in a one-of-a-kind experience that you can tailor to your preferences, making it an intriguing option for your next vacation. Here are a few reasons to consider glamping.

Range of options, curated especially for you and your budget

Just like camping, your glamping adventure can be exactly what you want. You can DIY an adventure yourself or rely on the services of a glamping resort. “When you book a glamping getaway, the provider may set up your campsite for you and offer luxuries such as a spa-like private shower or room in your tent for a “closet” where you can unpack and hang your clothes,” says Ashley Brown, writer for “DIY glamping may be as simple as adding a bigger tent, a plusher mattress or gourmet cookware.”

If you do choose to DIY your glamping adventure, there are many ways to improve your experience. Brown suggests packing plush and cozy bedding, decorative items that are from or remind you of home, accent lighting to illuminate your time under the stars, chairs or hammocks, and study tables that turn the great outdoors into a comfortable living room.

Home away from home experience

Since glamping is an elevated form of camping, you’re not subjected to uncomfortable, unattractive, or rustic accommodations. You can experience a home-away-from-home glamping adventure that blends modern conveniences with the glorious beauty of nature.

According to Charles Kosman, writer at, when you’re glamping you will be privy to a plush bed that helps ensure a restorative night of sleep so you’re energized to explore the great outdoors. “You’ll also have a nice ensuite to call your own and most home style conveniences are right at your fingertips,” he adds.

Creative settings to take in nature

Mother Nature is the star of every glamping adventure, but coming in a close second are the creative accommodations. Even if you choose a tent, it will be unlike any tent you have ever seen before, notes Mikhala Stutzman, writer for Other accommodations designed to take your breath away include a yurt, tipi, dome, and a treehouse, she adds.

Kinder to the Earth

With an adventure that celebrates Mother Nature, you want to be as kind to her as possible. Glamping sites — even with their upscale amenities, home-like conveniences, and attention to detail — leave a much smaller impact on the world around you.

“Tents, huts, cabins and yurts require next to nothing to be assembled and leave a very small footprint compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. The wild stays wild and you can feel good that you’re not destroying the natural vegetation around you while you get to enjoy the true benefits of ecotourism,” according to Kosman.

Are you convinced that glamping is worth a try? If so, these tips will help you make the most of your glamping adventure, whether you rely on experts, an exotic location, or your DIY skills and creativity.

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