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Have you tried Bill Pay yet?

Have you tried Bill Pay yet? Stop wasting time on stamps and envelopes. Save time and money by going online and using Bill Pay. Quick, easy, and fast way to pay your bills on time without the hassle of mailing them. It’s a safe way to receive, pay, and organize your bills from the convenience of your chair. Get started with Bill Pay today!
Common Auto Financing Terms
Defining the essential vehicle finance jargon you should know

Purchasing a vehicle from a dealership—be it a brand new or moderately used model—is rarely as simple as you would hope. What should be a basic transaction can quickly become a complicated discussion rife with uncommon phrases you wouldn’t hear elsewhere.

How to Automate Your Retirement Savings
What to do to ensure that your money works for you

Because you want to enjoy your golden years, you already have a retirement savings plan. You put away a percentage of your earnings every month when you can. You are financially savvy enough that you are building savings elsewhere to make sure that you never need to touch your savings until you receive your proverbial gold watch. But are you doing everything you can to maximize your retirement savings?

Cool Ways to Save Extra Money
A little creativity and thought can save you a lot of money

There are many ways to save a little extra money each month, so of which have added benefits beyond financial ones. Have a little fun and get some great additional perks with these five out-of-the-ordinary ways to save extra money.

3 Ways to Save on Monthly Expenses
Smart ways to reduce or eliminate your regular expenses

Reducing your monthly expenses is a great way to consistently pay down debts or, if you owe nothing, to start saving for the future. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your monthly expenses now so that you can better save and prepare for your future.

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