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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers. Spring has finally arrived. Make the best of this wonderful weather by stopping in to see what we have to offer. Take this time by purchasing a new car, planning for a family vacation, or buying that dream house. We are here to help you make that dream come true this spring. Click, call, or stop by one of our branches today!
6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
Practical steps to enhance the health of your finances

Having a healthy credit score is necessary if you wish to apply for loans to help finance big-ticket expenses such as a house or a higher education. If your credit score needs a boost, don’t despair. Here are six practical strategies to increase it.

Basic Investing for Beginners
Get started investing with these basics and tips

Investing money is a vast, complicated ordeal that requires substantial knowledge and practice, whether you’re intending to buy and sell stock, build and rent out office space or invest in a retirement savings program. Because of this complexity, taking your first steps on the road to successful investing can seem daunting; however, every hopeful investor can benefit from understanding these basic ideas.

Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime
Avoid these foods for a good night’s sleep

A sleepless night leads directly to a sluggish morning and a lackluster day often marked by crabbiness, crankiness and irritability. What you might not know is that one of the leading contributors to a poor night’s sleep is what you eat or drink before bed. To ensure a positive and productive day by way of a full night of fulfilling rest, make sure that your pre-bedtime meals exclude these foods.

Unique Graduation Party Ideas
Make your graduate’s party pop with these creative tips

Graduation is one of the proudest times in a person’s youth, marking an academic achievement and the transition to the next stage of their life. Although this occasion is often commemorated with a party, a lot of these celebrations tend to be boring, cookie-cutter affairs. There are some ways, however, to make the graduation party far more unique and memorable.

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